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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) 2s19ook
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 Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie)

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Cale Argeneau
Cale Argeneau

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Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) Empty
PostSubject: Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie)   Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) Icon_minitime01/07/15, 01:05 am

Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) Sp7mep
Full Name: Cale Anderson Argeneau
Creature type: Dhampir
Date of Birth: June 30th 2001
Age: 24
Home Town: London, England
Current Home Town: Romania

Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) 29krkn9
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Body type: Athletic
Height: 6'1
Dress Style: Casual, depends on his mood
Creature characteristics: he has some vampire characteristics, he can eat human food or drink blood. He can grow very small fangs, his eyes can go red when hungry.

Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) 2qx9aad
Character Likes: Esme (his sister), having fun, parties, Malia, acting, his parents.
Character dislikes: bullies, being bored, not working, party poopers.
Strengths: Esme, Malia, friends, family, acting.
Weaknesses: Esme, Malia, friends, family, too critical of himself.
Quirks: Rolls his eyes constantly

Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) 2ec1y7l
Cale was born to a human named Vincent Argeneau and his fiancé Hope. Even though they weren't married they loved each other very much and were more than happy to be parents. But one tragic day, when Cale was 2, his father was killed in a car accident, he was helping someone change their tire when a car sped past and lost control on the road and hit Vincent. It killed him instantly. Hope did not know she pregnant with Esme, his sister, until after their dad died.

Hope did not tell her children instantly they were half human half vampire. They were told when they were 12 and 14. Cale took it easier than Esme, she withdrew, she became depressed and reclusive. Than when she began a singer she began to come out of her shell. Cale took up acting and was very good at it. He did not know how good until he got a star role in a big time movie.

Cale and his sister live together in a shared apartment that is a duplex. Usually one or both of them are gone, so Cale has to take his great pyrenees, Snow, with him which doesn't bug him. Cale currently is taking a small hiatus from acting until he gets another script that interests him, his sister, Esme, and her band are on tour with Christina Maze.

Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) Mt89aw
Name: Hope Argeneau (neé Montley)
Age: 133
Human or Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Vincent Argeneau
Age: 33
Human or Creature: Human
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Esmerelda 'Esme' Argeneau
Age: 22
Human or Creature: Dhampir
Living or Dead: Living

Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) Kainmg
Familiar: A Great Pyrenees named Snow
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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie)   Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) Icon_minitime01/07/15, 01:42 am

Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) 117h6k9

Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie) 15yg66d
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Cale Argeneau (Chrissy Charrie)
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