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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) 2s19ook
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 Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie)

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Ophelia Boudreaux
Leader of the Unseen/Admin
Leader of the Unseen/Admin
Ophelia Boudreaux

Posts : 82
Join date : 2015-02-01

Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) Empty
PostSubject: Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie)   Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) Icon_minitime03/02/15, 05:19 am

Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) Hu15xw
Full Name: Ophelia Elise Boudreaux
Creature type: Vampire turned Demon
Date of Birth: October, 31st, 1851
Age: 174
Home Town: Paris, France
Current Home Town: Bran, Romania

Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) Zjglzn
Hair: brown, sometimes long, sometimes short
Eye color: brown
Body type: average
Height: 5'4
Dress Style: varies
Creature characteristics: her eye's will turn black when angry and will be a bright brown when at full power.

Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) X36zye
Character Likes: death, hurting people, destruction, creatures, The Unseen, pain, her sisters (Even Juliette), chaos.
Character dislikes: her sisters, joy, humans, creatures, peace, smiling, people hurting the innocent.
Strengths: fire, her Unseens, darkness, death, manipulating someone's life force.
Weaknesses: her sisters, her temper, her mouth, showing how she feels.
Quirks: smirks a lot and rolls her eye's

Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) 2hqrrde

Ophelia is the youngest of 3 girls, her parents always expected the least out of her and wanted her to be led by example by her two sisters, Isabella and Juliette, Ophelia was close to both of them but was a little closer to Thana for some reason, she had an something bad was going to happen to them, her parents died when she was 10 so her older sister had to raise the two of them by herself.

Ophelia at the age of 20 had followed Juliette, along with Isabella, to this cave where Juliette and her Beau and gone into. She witnessed him bitting her sister and she went berserk, between she and Isabella the man was barely alive, but he managed to bite her and she was turned along with Juliette, she had no idea about Isabella but saw she was perfectly ok when they woke up. She did notice it seemed Isabella never aged but that was fine by her, she one day woke up, touched a stranger on the arm, and could feel his life force, she pulled on the strings and saw the color fade from his face, she pushed on the strings and saw he looked better than ever, but she felt terrible and weak, and knew she would not be using her power unless she thought it was necessary. Ophelia saw that there was so much hatred and disgust for her kind, the humans despised them, so she despised them back. A plan formulated in her head, kill the humans before they could kill them, make creatures the ultimate rulers!

But as she traveled to a cave, thinking she had left her sisters behind, she had seen they had followed her and Juliette confronted her about her idea. Ophelia refused to give up her dream as Juliette refused to give up hers, and so they fought while Isabella remained outside, Ophelia was defeated and left for dead as Juliette locked her away in that God forsaken cave.

Ophelia, because there was no blood, began to starve to death when a demon appeared and gave her a choice, die and watch her dreams die with her, or live as a demon and see her dreams realized, she chose the latter, and escaped the cave as a demon princess. Now she is the ruler of the group called the Hellfire and is going to destroy her sisters school and all the students in there, than she plans on enslaving and killing humans and creatures, she will see her dreams realized. No. Matter. What.

Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) 2u5dh5c
Name: Priscilla Victoria Boudreaux (née Newton)
Age: 35
Creature or Human: Human
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Louis Maximus Boudreaux VII
Age: 36
Human or Creature: Human
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Isabella Boudreaux
Age: 28
Human or Creature: Human with Special Abilities
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Juliette Narcissa Boudreaux
Age: 179
Human or Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Living (unfortunately)

Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) 14mcs90
Name: McBeth
Age: 5
Species: Raven

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Ophelia Boudreaux
Leader of the Unseen/Admin
Leader of the Unseen/Admin
Ophelia Boudreaux

Posts : 82
Join date : 2015-02-01

Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie)   Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) Icon_minitime03/02/15, 05:22 am

Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie) E9wxlk
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Ophelia Boudreaux (Chrissy Charrie)
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