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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Makota Blazon

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Makota Blazon
Vampire Council Members
Vampire Council Members
Makota Blazon

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PostSubject: Makota Blazon   Makota Blazon Icon_minitime27/05/15, 07:32 am

Makota Blazon Sp7mep
Full Name: Makota Blazon
Creature type: 1nd Generation Ancient Vampire
Date of Birth: unknown
Age: its rude to ask such things
Home Town: Transylvania
Current Home Town:wherever her girlfriend Calista is

Makota Blazon 29krkn9
Makota Blazon Jeffree-Star-jeffree-star-30228459-431-604
Hair:Generally Pink & long.
though will at times have it lighter pink or blues and shorter or short with long mix
Eye color: Jade Green (looks hazel due to blood deficency as forgets to feed period)
Body type:Lithe, Toned, Soft, Somewhat curvy
in other words female without removing the bits yet otherwise does everything can to be what feels.
Height:5' 2" (without heels) 5' 8" (with heels)
Dress Style:feminine especially girly colors like pink. designs all her of a kind...makes the outfits for most her family especially her girlfriend & mate (on and off hopefully stay on) Calista Ravenwood.
Creature characteristics: fangs rarely ever seen
has blood intolerance for some bloods, can only feed off certain humans, animal blood or synthetic prefernce, can feed off other vampires, hates to eat, eyes get red when hasn't eaten in too long, various others

Makota Blazon 2qx9aad
She is hard to piss off. Though if or when pissed off she becomes extremely dangerous. Over all she is the exact opposite of her twin brother Jared/Amir. She (he) one of those people that everybody liked(s) no matter what their alliance aka good or evil etc. Very maternally and understanding.
Character Likes: Calista, her large family, her twins, the good memories of zain & ronon, the fact she and calista aren't ever going to be seperated again, runes, indepth list pending
Character dislikes: people threatening her family will make her show her dracula line family, feeding off human blood, having to drink blood but when does prefers animal or synthetic, indepth list pending
Strengths: Runeology, Rune Master, being a stay at home mom, her love for people, translating Jared, indepth list pending
Weaknesses: Calista, her twins Drake & Iris and Rena & Alistair, her brother, not very vampirey, is allergic to most human blood, forgets to feed, indepth list added soon
Quirks: seen in roleplay

Makota Blazon 2ec1y7l
Makota and her twin brother Jared were born centuries ago into the Romanian royal family. Both were born vampires and into a family whose blood was gifted in magic for a very long time. When he and Jared were younger they were extremely identical. Yet it wasn't hard to soon learn the way to distinguish between the two. Even at a young age Makota was more girl than boy despite physical appearances. He grew up wearing dresses and being a girl than he did a male. "He" was never strong or masculine. Even as he got older he never began to grow facial hair. Nor did his features turn from feminine to masculine. He has always stayed the way he felt and believe he should have been physically. As such he grew up being called daughter instead of son. He refers to himself as a girl and always will. Around his and Jared's eighth birthday by human standards an attack by dark magic users and human hunters killed everyone the twins had known. She and her twin escaped into the night with their mother's assistance in doing so. Makota and Jared grew up with no one but each other. Even still nothing changed him from being the her he felt she was. Least this is how Makota remembers it and Jareds made sure she never remembers otherwise.

They eventually ended up at a boarding school. Sometime laer they met Liza and Lulu and various others...she met and fell in love with a young woman named Calista. Over the years they off and on dated. Makota siring her first set of twins. More times than not the twins stayed with Makota...yet all the time makota brought them to see Calista so they never knew when Makota and Calista were on "off times" until they were older. Calista vanished when the twins were around nine...for severals years. This was the time that Drake did figure things out...and she met a man named Ronon. They are on again and have been for decades...raising all their twins after Ronon bravely saved makota and all four twins lives...the youngest barely newborns then.

~when calista vanished for the last time~

During one of the off times...while raising her eldest twins Drake & Iris while Calista ran off to find herself...either quitting her being a prostitute or modeling, she can't really remember...her sister was watching the twins. While in England, creature lands, she was heading to the apothecary she was ambushed by some dark evil men. They started feeling her up. Even after they found she was physically male they kept talking about gang raping her and one of them said he was going to force her to feed from him. She escaped them but they gave chase. A mysterious stranger saved her and pulled her into the apothecary. She learned his name was Ronan. She instantly dubbed him Mr. Sexy. She has a bit of a crush on him. She isn't yet certain if it is because he saved her or if it is the real deal. In any case she enjoys his company even as just a friend. He helped her with her oldest twins and later worked with jared to ritually impregnate and be the blood father of the youngest set...he later died protecting all of them.

~During this & After Ronon's death~

Some time later she was back in a foreign alley of england, to explore some of the shops rarely frequented when she heard a child's scream. She was not a fighter but a maternal instinct flared up inside of her. She rushed in that direction in time to save an eleven year old boy from a soulless wraith like creature. She learned he had no one and that his crazy father had sent the shade of a man to forcefully bring him back home. The young boy's name was Zain Melnsvilks and he instantly won a place in her heart. After soothing him she took him out of the area. Adopting him into her life as her son upon his agreeance. Even if he hadn't she would have taken care of him. Some time later she took Zain to pick out things to make the empty room into his own personal space.

Months after that a Necromancer Overlord by the name of Ivory Melnsvilks came to her door demanding her to hand over her new son Zain. There had been challenges issued and she fought him. It was a long battle when Makota showed her true Romanian line and the fact she WAS in fact the daughter of the most powerful king of vampires. She quite literally annihilated the man so much in fact there was not a trace he'd ever been there.

After which she raised Zain. Sometime during that she was assaulted by a woman from Jared's past. Many events later including a ritual she was pregnant with her twins Alastair and Rena. However, it played games with her mind for a long time. She did not now or ever enjoy the taste of blood. often forgetting she needed it because she hated feeling like...a monster.

Three years prior to now her and her brother finally returned to Romania due to an uprising and reclaimed their heritage. Jared however, resigned the role of king to her and she became Queen of Romania. By an ancient vampire blood ritual Zain is now biologically half her son and despite she is a vampiress he now gains immortality yet by no means is he a vampire.

Time has passed since then and she has not seen much of her twin brother nor his mate. She has spent time with Viigo's child Hana and others. Right now she rules as queen yet still is restless at times. Zain when he looked almost eighteen in human years was murdered protecting his sister Hana from hunters and murderous creatures...these emotional injuires had it not been for Drake & Iris and the older twins...would have driven her to insanity.

~After Calista's Return~

Calista came back and promised that they would never seperate again...helped Makota piece herself back togehter. Although Drake was young he had taken over the role of "keeping care" of makota and his siblings...though he seems to be still attached to Calista he has also grown a bit more "Jared like" towards her then when he was younger. They are all very happy and Makota is happy taking the stay at home wife and mother role while Calista...a member of the vampire council, sometimes model, amongst other things brings home the cash like the "man" of a relationship. All of them are really close and Makota couldn't be happier. Her eldest twins are now thirteen in appearance though she calculates they are more than 130 years old...she goes with that as it makes it easier. The youngest are getting so big. She is close with all of her family though hasn't seen Jared in a long time. She sends the Celtic Vampire christmas cards every year and keeps in touch. Nowadays Makota when not designing outfits is happily taking care of the babies.

Makota Blazon Mt89aw

for indepth family trees please see Austin Saline-Menendez, Balazar Franzer, Dastan Remington, Lulu Athena, etc...Auntie kris don't feel like copying and pasting all that XD

Makota Blazon Kainmg
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Dastan Remington

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PostSubject: Re: Makota Blazon   Makota Blazon Icon_minitime06/07/15, 11:54 am

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Makota Blazon
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