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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Yes Mother (Makota and Drake)

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Drake Ravenwood

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PostSubject: Yes Mother (Makota and Drake)   02/09/15, 02:23 am

Drake was in the dark woods, he had gotten angry at Iris for something and told her that she wouldn't ever get her memories back. Than she stormed out and so did he, Drake didn't know where she went but assumed she was okay. Sometimes he just got so angry with her over the dumbest of things, like he would get mad when Calista would get home late and Iris would always take her side and give her the benefit of the doubt. Drake was always suspicious of Calista because she had run out on them once before and would probably do so again.

Drake sat down on a random log and huffed a bit, he didn't want to go to Jessie for this because he didn't deem it necessary to. Drake never deemed anything necessary to go to Jessie about, and that was because he didn't want to burden him. Drake knew he had enough already in his life and didn't want him to have anything else to worry about. He grabbed a rock and threw it at a random tree, he heard some leaves crunched and smirked a bit. " Hello mom, come to check up on me or did happen to be here by random chance?" Drake asked with a smirk, knowing it was Makota.

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Makota Blazon
Vampire Council Members
Vampire Council Members

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PostSubject: Re: Yes Mother (Makota and Drake)   06/09/15, 06:55 pm

Makota was a bit worried about her children. She sometimes wondered why Drake and Iris didn't hang out as much as before. She was worried about Drake since she had heard him and Iris fighting. She was worried. They hardly ever fought and for some reason they had fought really bad. That she stormed out and then so had Drake. Flitting after him and then slowly just followed him. Waiting for him to stop somewhere and slowly moved out after him. The crunching leaves might have given her away but she blushed when he pointed it out. She sighed as like his uncle, her twin brother, he always seemed to know her intentions before she wanted him to. "Hello sweetie. Mum was worried about you. It isn't usual for you and Iris to fight so much that you both storm off." She said softly. Moving over and leaned against a tree near him. "Will you talk to me like you used to Drake?" She asked him softly.
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Yes Mother (Makota and Drake)
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