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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Christina Maze (Chrissy Charrie)

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Christina Maze

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PostSubject: Christina Maze (Chrissy Charrie)   05/05/15, 01:44 am

Full Name: Christina Laurie Maze
Date of Birth: January 14th 2002
Age: 23
Any Special Abilities: None.
Home Town: London, England
Current Home Town: All over the world.

Hair: Flaming red
Eye color: blue
Body type: curvy
Height: 5'6
Dress Style: Varies. On stage usually leather, corsets, punk clothes. At home, jeans, t-shirts, sweat pants.

Character Likes: Jon, writing music, playing piano, singing, touring, dancing, reading.
Character dislikes: Her mother, silence, writers block, touring (occasionally), bossy people.
Strengths: Jon, singing, writing, friends, multitasking
Weaknesses: Jon, playing guitar, her brother, her pride, her temper.
Quirks: Always puffs her cheeks out when she can't think of anything.

Christina Maze was born to Jessica and Dominic Maze, she has a younger brother named Lucern. The household she grew up in was terrible, her mother was a cold hearted cruel woman, her father was just as cold hearted and cruel, but her mother more so. When Chris was 11 and had come home for winter break from boarding school her mother and father kicked her out of the house, just because of who she was friends with.

Christina went gladly but her brother, who was ten at the time, went with her. She not only had to take care of herself, but of her baby brother. They became street kids, wanderers, they really had no place to go. She became good friends with a boy named Jonathan Browning, the two of them were as thick as thieves, despite being from different backgrounds. She had fallen in love with him as soon as she met him, it started out as a simple crush, but grew into something more as she got closer to him.

One day during their last year in school Christina had seen him with a girl named Randi, they weren't dating but they might as well have been. Everyone assumed they were, Christina got jealous and as soon as she saw Jonathan she went off on him. She was hurt, angry, heartbroken. She vowed to never see nor speak to him again, and for a long time she hadn't, until a fateful day in a random bar

Name: Jessica Louise Maze (née Decker)
Age: 53
Living or Dead: Living (unfortunately)

Name: Dominic Layne Maze
Age: 54
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Lucern Cameron Maze
Age: 22
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Jonathan Browning
Age: 24
Living or dead: Living

Name: Teddi
Age: 2
Species: An Amstaff terrier
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Ophelia Boudreaux
Leader of the Unseen/Admin
Leader of the Unseen/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Christina Maze (Chrissy Charrie)   05/05/15, 01:58 am

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Christina Maze (Chrissy Charrie)
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