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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Memories Long Since Forgotten (Daniel/Damian)

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Akina Zero
Hunter Council Members
Hunter Council Members

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PostSubject: Memories Long Since Forgotten (Daniel/Damian)   01/04/15, 03:11 am

Akina walked slowly to the graveyard, it was that time of year again, it was the anniversary of her parents death. She, her brother, and Damian always put flowers out for them on this day.

Akina wore tight leather pants, a leather jacket, ankle boots, and a spaghetti strapped black tank top. She had her brown hair up in a pony tail and her rune marks were covered and her rune writer was in her coat pocket. She carried a bouquet of white roses for her mother and father, she knew Damian and Daniel would be meeting her here and would more than likely bring flowers with them as well.

Akina walked inside the gates and towards there grave stones, this place was so eerily quiet it could unnerve you. But it was peaceful to Akina, she wasn't sure about her brother and Damian, but that was how she felt. She stopped and sat down at the tree next to her parents grave stones, waiting to put the flowers down when the others arrived.
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Damian Christian
Hunter Council Members
Hunter Council Members

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PostSubject: Re: Memories Long Since Forgotten (Daniel/Damian)   02/04/15, 02:53 am

Damian walked to his adopted parents cemetery, Akina wanted to do a memorial for them as it was the anniversary of their death. He carried two different flowers: Easter lilies for his mum, and Daisy's for his dad. He walked through the iron gates and could see Akina in the distance.

He didn't want to tell Daniel about him and Akina as he wasn't sure how he would take it, probably not well, but who knew? He smiled as he walked over to her. " Hey babe, Daniel here yet?" He asked as he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek.

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Memories Long Since Forgotten (Daniel/Damian)
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