Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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Thana's Closet. (WIP) 2s19ook
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 Thana's Closet. (WIP)

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Thana Semele
Thana Semele

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Thana's Closet. (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Thana's Closet. (WIP)   Thana's Closet. (WIP) Icon_minitime16/03/15, 10:03 pm

Welcome to Thana's Closet. All important and relevant things regarding Thana IG can be found here.

[/ Fellow Rune Hunters. (killed early in timeline.)

Thana's Closet. (WIP) Latest?cb=20130814202547

Alec.  Fellow Rune Hunter, age twenty. Thana and Alec often have squabbles and fight but they work together to hunt.
Favourite Hunt: Rogue Vampires.  

Thana's Closet. (WIP) Latest?cb=20130919211202

[i] Jason. Fellow Rune Hunter, age eighteen. Thana and Jason are the closest in relation, supposedly her brother by blood terms from the founding Fathers. One of the founding Fathers had two children,  a boy and a girl. Thana and Jason are each the offspring descendents from one of them. Thana the girl, Jason from the boy. They have a love/hate relationship, and always fight and rarely speak to each other on good terms.
Favourite Hunt: Ghouls.

Thana's Closet. (WIP) Jemima-west-the-mortal-instruments-city-of-bones

Lucy, the twin of Alec. Fellow Rune Hunter.  Age twenty. Lucy is probably the nicest out of the four current Rune Hunters including Thana. She works more as the healer and the 'bait' being naturally pretty. Thana and Lucy are on fairly good terms, and the boys always fall for her over Thana which Thana doesn't mind at all.
Favourite Hunt: Demons.  

Thana's Closet. (WIP) Robert-sheehan-in-the-mortal-instruments

Josh. Thana's best Hunter friend. Fellow Hunter. Age seventeen. Josh is Thana's best friend, in hunting and in life. They hunt together and both have the Rune of Sameness. Each is a half of the other, closer then friends and closer then siblings. Josh is a Human Hunter, but Thana shared a rune with him to show their status.  

Thana's Dorm Room.

Thana's Closet. (WIP) Voguish-dorm-room-furniture-on-furniture-with-dorm-room-ideas-pictures

Simple yet effective, Thana's dorm room is pretty much standard. She has kept it pretty plain with nothing personal out. As she usually spends weekends (and secretly weeknights) and her mentors house. Lestat's. On campus as well.
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Thana's Closet. (WIP)
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