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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Freya Shaw

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Freya Shaw

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PostSubject: Freya Shaw   11/03/15, 11:01 pm

Full Name: Freya Fayette Shaw
Creature type: Fairy
Date of Birth: May 1st Unknown (Possibly 2001)
Age: Unknown (Possibly 25)
Home Town: Unknown
Current Home Town: Travels a lot so anywhere but mainly Luna Vermiculus
What Grade are you in?: Senior

Hair: blonde, mostly curly but sometimes straight
Eye color: light brown
Body type: Hour glass Figure
Height: 5'5
Dress Style: casual, classy, kinda poppy.
Creature characteristics: She can shrink to small sizes when she needs to, she is very in tuned with nature, has wings on her back.

Character Likes: nature, school, boys, singing, dancing, shopping, just chilling out, flying, creating illusions, reading.
Character dislikes: being in the city too long, jerks, snobs, being in closed up spaces for too long, people figuring out her illusions.
Strengths: Illusion making, flying, her friends, reading.
Weaknesses: her friends, staying small for long periods of time, making friends with girls.
Quirks: giggles a lot.

Freya remembers nothing of her past, she only remembers always living in the woods and always being surrounded by trees and wildlife. She figured out she was a fairy when she was 11 years old and she felt a stabbing pain between her shoulder blades that went all the way to the middle of her back. She wasn't able to see the wings until she found a mirror which wouldn't be until she turned 15 and came to the human world.

Freya had to keep her being a fairy a secret there, she innocently told someone she was a fairy and they looked at her like she was insane, so she quickly learned some secrets must remain secrets. She lived in the human world for 5 more years until she received a letter from a school called Luna Vermiculus University that she found out she wasn't alone in the world.

Freya has always wondered what happened to her parents, were they dead? Were they alive and had forgotten about her? Did she have any siblings? Did her parents continue looking for her even now? These questions haunt her, she wants to know the truth and wants to know why she grew up without parents. When Freya was 9 she figured out she could create illusions, she could turn beings or objects into their uttermost desires or their harshest nightmares, but she has only ever used her illusions on items like a chair or table, she hasn't tested her illusions on an actual human being...yet.

When Freya came to Luna without any family, money, or anything like that Juliette, the Headmistress, provided all of that for her. She gave her a home, gave her money, and gave her food. Freya looks up to her as a surrogate mother in a way and jokingly refers her as 'mum' which Jules doesn't mind.

Foster Mother:
Name: Juliette Narcissa Boudreaux
Age: 179
Creature or Human: Vampire
Living or dead: Living

Biological Mother:
Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Human or Creature: Unknown
Living or Dead: Unknown

Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Human or Creature: Unknown
Living or Dead: Unknown

Any siblings?:

Familiar: A Mocking bird named Grace
Favorite Subject: Natural Science
Least Favorite Subject: History
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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Freya Shaw   12/03/15, 03:19 am

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Freya Shaw
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