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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Anzi Carin ~ Master Of Disguise

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Anzi Carin

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PostSubject: Anzi Carin ~ Master Of Disguise   11/03/15, 04:04 pm

Full Name: Anzi Carin
Nicknames: Zani, Zi, Anansi, Master Of Disguise
Date of Birth: 8/7/1986
Age: 29
Any Special Abilities: pending decision but is a human mutant
Home Town: Korea
Current Home Town: traveling

Hair: jet black (usually but varies on guise)
Eye color: dark jade green (very few know)
Body type: slender, toned, added features of strap on and breast bindings otherwise has some nice boobs. color changing contacts
Height: 5' 8:
Dress Style:  tomboy, guy, punk, crossdress (in his mind due to being born female) aka varies on disguise as rarely is himself

Character Likes:
*women (strongly)
*being accepted as male even though was physically born female
*attention yet not in the seeking it out and demanding it way
*the thought of one day having a family
*the thought of one day marrying someone he loves
*occasionally cross dressing (which for him is no breast binding and dress wearing)

Character dislikes:
*being called a woman
*being physically woman (thus binds his breasts and has found a way to make it so the strap on is permanent part of his anatomy and can use the bathroom like it was a 100% real)
*not being accepted for who he is
*his parents telling him he needs to be a "proper" Korean woman and marry to have kids
*being alone
*having no one
*being called a crossdresser or transvestite
*not wearing the bindings
*being called she over he

*super spy skill sets
*defying the 4th wall laws
*Master Of Disguise
*Houdini Expert aka escape artist

*being a woman despite having been physically born one
*letting others in
*ever revealing her true appearance aka not staying in disguise
*believing in love or happily ever after
*has a temper and cusses others out in korean

Quirks: gum chewing to calm his nerves, popping gum bubbles when agitated, is genderfluid meaning comfortable being male or female however PREFERS male, demisexual

Her parents were traditional Korean family. Old world beliefs and purebloods with a disdain for anything less than purity and perfection. They also weren't too fond of Anzi due to the fact she rebelled against their cultures and refused to dress like a lady all the time. As well as refusing and or destroying attempted marriage arrangements. Her older siblings all seemed the perfect children and her parents disowned Anzi before she was older than twelve or thirteen.

Since the day she was born Anzi always knew there was something different about her.  Her mother was always trying to dress her up in pink frilly little dresses and all she wanted to do was tear them off.  Since she was about the age of 6 all she wanted to do was wear dark clothes and keep her hair short.  She was always fighting with her mother over this.

She grew up in a traditionalist family of old world beliefs and cultures in korea. She had no interest in joining the ministry nor being an old world lady. She wore pants and guy clothes and this earned her the accusations of being a crossdresser. She wasn't they were just more comfortable. Over time she began to use disgusies and master them.

Anzi got to hanging around the wrong crowd and got mixed up in some evil things, but she was unsure if that was what she really wanted.  She seem to thrive on attention and went wherever the attention took her. The acceptance of her likes and dislikes would leave her to follow anyone so long as they never betrayed her.. At seventeen her master of guise ability awoke fully and her ability to disguise herself grew tenfold.

Later on she may decide to become a student at the university...but its undecided.

Mother - Disowned her
Name: Ming Carin
Age: 70
Living or Dead: Living
Father - Disowned her
Name:Ghuan Yu Carin
Age: 78
Living or Dead: Living
Name: Mimi Carin ~ Sister
Age: 37
Living or Dead: Living
Name: Kiki Carin ~ Sister
Age: 34
Living or Dead: Living/Missing
Name: Chu Carin ~brother
Age: 32
Living or Dead: Unknown/presumed living

Living or dead:
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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Anzi Carin ~ Master Of Disguise   11/03/15, 09:17 pm

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Anzi Carin ~ Master Of Disguise
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