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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Crystala Montolleni ~ Treasurehunting Runaway Mafia Princess

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Crystala Montolleni
Shop Owner's
Shop Owner's
Crystala Montolleni

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PostSubject: Crystala Montolleni ~ Treasurehunting Runaway Mafia Princess   11/03/15, 02:22 pm

Full Name: Crystala Montolleni
Nicknames: Crys, Crystal, Tala
Creature type: Dhamphire Dragonkin (half vampire/half dragon)
Date of Birth: 3/14/1988
Age: 27
Home Town: Sicily & Italy
Current Home Town: its secret

Hair: red
Eye color: Light green
Body type: willowy, toned, curvy, petite
Height: 5' 0"
Dress Style:girly outfits or pretty casual dresses
Creature characteristics: an anthromorphic humanoid dragonkin form, dragon wings and tail, when angered her eyes go dragon like and glowing red as her hair, alluring voice whether intentional or not

Character Likes:
*not remembering who she was before running away to England as a small girl
*loves to collect oddities
*strange and unusual things
*haunted houses despite it scares her
*refurbishing antiquties and treasures
*odds and ends trinkets and doodaads
*her treasure shop
*traveling the world

Character dislikes:
*her father
*what her father does
*what her family does
*things that trigger flickering images of her surpressed memories of her life before running away to England
*evil (can tolerate if they do not do evil to her)
*male chauvenistic pigs
*what her family is in the muggle world
*scary things despite she loves haunted houses
*breaking a nail

*Her beauty
*finding her way into seemingly impossible to get in places
*solving riddles
*seeing things that aren't there or aren't supposed to be there
*fixing antiques
*fixing treasures
*finding treasures
*finding lost things or people

*her looks
*is a bit airheaded
*gets lost easy even though it tends to work out in her favor...usually
*is a trouble magnet but not anything she does it just seems to find her
*very delicate like a porcelian doll
*has fibromyalgia

*brushing her hair
*checking her makeup
*biting her lower lip when anxious
*holding her thumb with her teeth when thoughtful or uneasy

The union between a mysterious dragoness and a well known mafia kingpin should be scandalous but instead it was a cause for celebration. The vampire known as Victor is a long time ally of the Italian mafioso family known as Vanturi. As well as part of the vampire council at one point. Longtime allies of Dastan's sire and now Dastan himself. The mysterious dragoness's origins were unknown and her dragon was as beautiful as her human form. The two were madly in love.

Her father had a wife prior to meeting the wife he had three children with. In the dark ages his wife came down with the black plague shortly after giving birth to his eldest child Richard. There is no lies that Jasel Vanturi quickly overthrew his ruling and became the overlord over the mafia kingpins. However, not all was well. His twins were ideal children but his daughter was struck with wanderlust and disobedient. Which lead to many fights and the eventual rift between him and crystala.

Crystala wasn't like the rest of her family. She was softer, gentler, more delicate and didn't want anything to do with the family business. This led to many agonizing days until one day she gathered the courage to run away. She doesn't remember any of that and hates recalling it. Having repressed the memories she ran far away until she became a wandering soul. Collecting treasures and oddities. No desire to remember her origins and at times closing shop so that she can go gather more treasures for it. The shop is made of the vanishing wood of a mysterious tree from the creature world. So its not easy to keep up with its ever changing locations. She loves her shop and loves treasure hunting and traveling the world.


Dragon Name: unknown
Human Name:Vanessa Montolleni
Age: pending
creature type: Dragoness
Living or dead: pending

Father - Victor Montolleni
Age: looks in his late 30s or 40s and is a pureblood vampire
Living or Alive: Undead technically but alive
Occupation : Scilian Mafia Kingpin


Richard Montolleni
Age: 35
Creature type: Dhamphire (half human)
Living or Dead: Living
Extra Information: child with a different mother than the others. He is from the first wife is a half blood vampire aka dhamphire

Twin Brothers
Matthew & Lucas Montolleni
Age: 30
Creature Type: Dhamphire Dragonkin (half vampire/half dragon)

Familiar: pending
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Dastan Remington

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PostSubject: Re: Crystala Montolleni ~ Treasurehunting Runaway Mafia Princess   11/03/15, 02:36 pm

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Crystala Montolleni ~ Treasurehunting Runaway Mafia Princess
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