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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King 2s19ook
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 Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King

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Jacoda Crow
Pirate Leader
Pirate Leader

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Join date : 2015-03-05

Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King Empty
PostSubject: Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King   Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King Icon_minitime10/03/15, 02:25 pm

Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King Sp7mep
Full Name: Jacoda Crow
Creature type: Demi-God/Human Immortal
Date of Birth: he doesn't rightly remember...
Age: looks 29
Home Town:his ship the Black Pearl
Current Home Town:his ship the Black Pearl

Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King 29krkn9
Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King Alrm7l
Hair:dark brown or black
Eye color: black
Body type:tall, dark, sexy, tan (usually)
Height:6' 5"
Dress Style: pirate, outlaw, sexy, various disguises
Creature characteristics: immortality or increased healing.

Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King 2qx9aad
Character Likes:
*his many magic pocketed trenchcoat
*circular conversations about the giant squid
*circular conversations
*control of his ship
*being followed
*his infamousy
*the sea
*the pirate's life
*firing himself or others from cannons
*the success of his seemingly insane schemes
*Anastasia ~his sister
*Ipolani ~ his sexy goddess
*Barbie ~ giant ass man eating she crab he raised since she was born
*his mother calpyso...sometimes

Character dislikes:
*The Royal Navy
*the extremely rare times his plans don't succeed
*losing his ship
*following rules
*listening to orders
*being told what to do
*being eaten by sea creatures
*when the rum is gone
*his sister Anastasia
*his mother calyspo
*the krakken and he have a love-hate relationship

*coming up with insane schemes that have a 99% success ratio
*escaping from seemingly impossible to escape situations
*being a pirate
*master of disguise
*surviving encounters with sea creatures including being eaten
*has extremely high alcohol tolerance
*Ocean Magic
*Water Magic
*summoning sea creatures
*following the Pirate Code
*Ice Magic
*navigating the sea
*larger lung capacity
*keeping traditions alive

*pirate greed
*parley being called
*following orders
*listening to the word no
*Lightning Magic
*tends to seem insane
*the law
*rationality sometimes
*refuses to fully modernize despite he will bring in newer guns, swords and cannons

*shooting people out a cannon
*shooting self out a cannon
*talking in circular conversations
*using disguises

Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King 2ec1y7l
Jacoda's father was an immortal pirate king who had once gone by the name of Jack Sparrow. Over the centuries he had many names. Jacoda's mother was the goddess Calypso who both fancied and hated Jacoda's father. Many years prior to Jacoda's birth his father (though he thinks he is an ancestor) was shipwrecked and stuck on an island by himself. He met Calyspo in one of her more provocative appearances and he fell in love. They spent the night together. What happened next only Calypso knows.

Jacoda was born and raised alongside Anastasia Cole. Despite their parents generally don't get along...common place amongst deities...their children get along great. Years passed and Jacoda alongside Anastasia were tighter. They had a few other friends like Sirena the Siren and Ipolani the one who Jacoda calls his goddess. Jacoda sails the black pearl and has odd habits. He loves his sea creatures especially Barbie. He has a pirate lord that he trusts and gave a giant man eating she crab which he later named betsy. Other than living up to the man he looks like he just lives life to the fullest and keeps the pirates life alive no matter how long has passed since then. Mixing modern with past.

Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King Mt89aw
Jack Sparrow
Unknown Age
Human - Immortal
Unknown is rumored he still lives under assumed alias's and different appearances

Unknown Age
Creature - Sea Goddess

Unknown Age
Human - Immortal

Anastasia Cole
see anastasia's profile
Creature - Goddess

Best Friend & Complicated Relationship
Ipolani Cambridge
Age pending
Creature - Mermaid/Siren Hybrid

Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King Kainmg
Familiar: see creatures...paticularly barbie or the giant krakken
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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King Empty
PostSubject: Re: Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King   Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King Icon_minitime02/06/15, 09:02 pm

Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King 117h6k9

Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King 15yg66d
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Captain Jacoda Crow ~ Pirate King
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