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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  2s19ook
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 Surf's Up : Diego Vazli

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Diego Vazli
Diego Vazli

Posts : 12
Join date : 2015-03-05

Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  Empty
PostSubject: Surf's Up : Diego Vazli    Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  Icon_minitime07/03/15, 08:45 am

Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  Sp7mep
Full Name: Diego Vazli
Creature type: Demon-Angel hybrid
Date of Birth: 10/30/????
Age: claims late teens or early twenties
Home Town:???
Current Home Town: anywhere there is a beach in human/creature world, hell on occasion

Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  29krkn9
Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  0,,16534729,00
Hair:golden blond
Eye color: ambery green, or honey amber, or amber brown
Body type:sexy surfer boy
Height: pending
Dress Style: varies but mostly surfer or beach
Creature characteristics: one angel wing, and one demon wing

Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  2qx9aad
Character Likes: ophelia...ever since his father made that deal that turned vampire into demon, surfing, modeling, masquerading amongst the humans as that popular surfer boy, pretending to be a good little choir boy when really is sinfully evil, sugar and alcohol
Character dislikes: when people recognize who he is, seeing ophelia sad, men hitting on him, dealing with angels, acting like he has common sense or an attention span
Strengths: is a hybriding of heaven and hell, stealing souls, making contracts for peoples souls after death, masquerading as a good little choir boy, singing, surfering, modeling, massaging others, multi-lingual, taking care his wings, makes seeming an airheaded surfer boy seem natural when its nothing but a mask, being as sweet as an angel or as sinful as a demon prince, high pain tolerance and heals fast due to his angel blood
Weaknesses: is a hybriding of heaven and hell, is shunned by purer demons due to his mixed heritage, ophelia...his biggest weakness is her and the love he feels for her, controlling himself and his more sinful desires around ophelia, hates the word no, loves attention, is a pain addict, gets drunk or high easy, loves whips and chains, into really kinky stuff, is a masochist

Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  2ec1y7l
A father of the greatest sins and emperor of the damned races....A mother of the most peaceful and serene purities....A taboo and forbidden union full of love and hate. A hybrid child that came to be and was raised amongst the humans for several years. This is the sort of things you'd expect to hear in a fairytale...for Diego it was reality. His father is King of Hell. His mother a capture Archangel of heaven. His mother was captured and raped by his father. One day he was conceived and his mtoher ran away with him. For several years he was raised at night by his father and during the day by priests.

His father brought him home whenever he could and he grew up on the beaches when he wasn't. When he was young his father met the vampiress Ophelia and made a deal which turned her into a demon. From the moment he laid eyes on her his more hellish nature had decided that she was going to be his. That he would steal her from his father who was always chasing after some rare blood carrrier. He continued to grow and succeed as a surfer and a model. He is very world reknowned both in creature and human worlds as a skilled surfer and a model.

When he reunited with Ophelia he quickly worked to win her over. He has so many faces and the most common seems to be the clumsy, airheaded, goofball but it really hides more darker side. He recently started acting like a personal massuese for Ophelia while still masquerading as just a simple surfer dude.

Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  Mt89aw

Father - Emperor Of Hell
Name - too many to list most common is Satan, Lucifer, etc
Age - Unknown
Creature or Human - Satan, The Devil, King Of Demons, Fallen Angel
Living or Dead - Living

Mother - Archangel of Heaven
Name - ???
Age - ???
Creature or Human - Archangel
Living or dead - Dead

Any family members, spouses ect; (if so format, Name, Age, Creature or Human, Living or dead)

Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  Kainmg
Familiar: all the 1000 demons of his night parade, most noticable is a strange egg like creature that sits on his shoulder now and then, a white hawk named Angelicus after an angel he once held dear
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Dastan Remington

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Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Surf's Up : Diego Vazli    Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  Icon_minitime10/03/15, 02:06 pm

Surf's Up : Diego Vazli  V6ub1i
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Surf's Up : Diego Vazli
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