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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Jamal Martins

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Jamal Martins

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PostSubject: Jamal Martins    05/03/15, 10:31 am

Full Name: Jamal Damarti Martins
Creature type: Demon
Date of Birth: 2/15/????
Age: 25
Home Town: hell
Current Home Town: University, Hell, Traveling
What Grade are you in?: Senior

Hair: see image
Eye color: base color is blue but his eyes change colors often so it can honestly vary by outfit, mood or atmosphere...its a biproduct of his father's genetics
Body type: see image
Height: around 6' or so.
Dress Style: varies but during the school week its always the uniform
Creature characteristics: beautiful large black feathered wings, devil horns, long spade tipped devil tail

Character Likes: Cassandra the librarian, women, books, flying on his wings, studying, passing grades, flirting with cassandra, noisy people with no regards for others
Character dislikes: his brother's picking on him or messing with him, rulebreakers regardless of race, people molesting the feathers of his wings...they are sensitive. so are the boney parts of it, anything below an A- in his scores
Strengths: very dominate, can be dashing, adept in many forms of magic, can fly due to his wings, has an angelic sounding voice due to bloodline, extremely smart, patient for the most part, controlling his demonic temper
Weaknesses: holy magic due to race, heavenly magic despite quite adept in it, will not break a rule to save his life...bend them but never break them, his younger brother Konan, his unspoken love for Cassandra, Cassandra herself, his wings...are very sensitive
Quirks: stroking his wings or the feather's on them is extremely arousing and gripping the bone paralyzes so he tends to not let anyone touch them.

It all started with a hell side love story. Not a romeo and juliet one but definitely star crossed lovers. A cerebus...three headed hell hound and guardian of the gates of hell and river of death...consumers of the dead and sometimes their powers. A fallen angel turned demonic hellish avenger and high lord of lucifer's army with a night parade of demons all his own. These two odd seeming parents met, fought, loved, fought and had a family. The children of the martins family (human name adopted by parents) is a unique mixture of a cerebus and a high ranking demon lord from lucifers' army. The children take after one parent or the other and are a carrier of the other parents gene.

The kids father was once an angel who fell from grace and became corrupted by man. He turned into a demon and quickly won favor with lucifer...his wings black as ink. He was given the human last name of martins to blend into the world. He quickly found he was good at war, strategy, pain and suffering and rose fast into the ranks of Lucifer's army. Gaining title nobility and strength over the years. He soon became one of Lucifer's favored council. He met the cerebus queen when she was in her human form. It was shortly after achieving the rank of Archdemon of hell...he met a fiery passion far greater than any he'd felt

The childrens' mother was the cerebus queen. Having gained power and strength as well as ever lasting beauty over the years through corpse eating of fallen enemies amongst other things she is one of the longest standing guardians of hell, the gates of hell and the river of death. Serving under the Emperor of hell and under all the gods and goddesses of death and limbo. She was in her human form when she met her future husband.

His older sister was a hybriding of their demon father and the cerebus or a close medium...hell hound demoness. Having traits of both their parents. His elder brother takes after their father and only carries the cerebus genetics. Konan takes after their mother and merely carries the demonic genetics passed on from their father.

Has spent his entire life here when he wasn't called home for family gatherings. Taking after his father he trained with the man more than others. Despite he is a demon and child of a fallen angel he is extremely religious and practices a variety of magic. A warlock in his own right he plans to master heaven's magic even if he finds it distasteful. He also spends a lot of time finding excuses to be in the library...having a crush on the librarian.

Name: ~name pending~ Martins
Age: Unknown
Creature or Human: Cerebus Queen
Living or dead: Missing

Name: ??? "Bloodarios" Martins
Age: Unknown
Human or Creature: Archdemon ~ Fallen Angel Turned Demon~
Living or Dead: Unknown

Any siblings?: yes (If so, format name age human or creature living or dead)
Name:Konan Sytyuriel Martins
Age: 21 ~ Sophmore
Human or Creature: Creature ~ Cerebus
Living Or Dead: Living

Name:Genie Paradox Martins
Age: 31
Human or Creature: Creature ~hell hound demoness
Living Or Dead: Living

Familiar: an albino phoenix baby named Aurora
Favorite Subject: everything especially magics
Least Favorite Subject: Biblical Studies...finds it bullshit and only from the views of the holy men.
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Jamal Martins    08/03/15, 03:31 pm

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Jamal Martins
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