Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) 2s19ook
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 Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie)

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Calista Ravenwood
Vampire Council Members
Vampire Council Members
Calista Ravenwood

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Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) Empty
PostSubject: Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie)   Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) Icon_minitime05/03/15, 12:15 am

Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) Sp7mep
Full Name: Ravena Calista Ravenwood (Goes by her middle name)
Creature type: Vampire
Date of Birth: May 30th 1385
Age: 640
Home Town: Bristol, England.
Current Home Town: Any where in  Transalvaniya or Romania.

Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) 29krkn9
Hair: long and blonde
Eye color: blue
Body type: curvy and voluptuous
Height: 5'10
Dress Style: sexy but classy, occasionally casual.
Creature characteristics: her eye's go a bright blue when at full strength. Goes indigo blue when hungry, nails grows long when getting ready to attack.

Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) 2qx9aad
Character Likes: Music, Dancing, parties, books, her family, hot guys.
Character dislikes: snobs, rude people, party poopers, Unseens.
Strengths: Fighting, Partying, her friends, being nice.
Weaknesses: staying somewhat sober, hot men, her friends, being too nice.
Quirks: Giggles when drunk

Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) 2ec1y7l
In 1585 Ravena Calista Ravenwood was born to Jenna and Corbin Ravenwood, she had a somewhat privileged life. She ran away from home at the age of 16 as she wanted to live in Rome but sadly she had no money and had to live out on the streets. She was found by some man and he told her she should sell her body for money, she flatly refused.

But one day she had absolutely no choice, she had to become a harlot. Her modeling career was up in smoke, she had no home, no money, no nothing. So she soon became a working girl and actually made excellent money from it. Her first ever client was a man that happened to be a vampire, he had accidentally turned her and since than she became a vampire.

Now, Ravena was known as Calista and gave up her life at being a whore, instead pursuing a modeling career. She attend Luna Vermiculus University when it first opened and thought it was an excellent school, but she dropped out after her Sophomore year as she couldn't keep up with her studies because she was partying too much, and letting her grades slide. Calista occasionally thinks about what will happen if she doesn't get a modeling career, she'd be right back at square one and that terrified her.

Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) Mt89aw
Name: Jenna Echo Ravenwood (née Lee)
Age: 40
Creature: Human
Living or Dead: Unknown

Name: Corbin Alaric Ravenwood
Age: 40
Creature: Human
Living or dead: Unkown

Name: Makota Blazon
Age: Pending
Human or Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Drake Malachi Ravenwood
Age: 13 Human years (130 Vampire years)
Creature or Human: Vampire
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Iris Calantha Morgan Ravenwood
Age: 13 Human Years (130 Vampire years)
Human or Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Living

Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) Kainmg
Familiar: none

Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) 20rtg8o
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Ophelia Boudreaux
Leader of the Unseen/Admin
Leader of the Unseen/Admin
Ophelia Boudreaux

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Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie)   Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) Icon_minitime05/03/15, 05:07 am

Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) V6ub1i

Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie) Ifpgqw
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Calista Ravenwood (Chrissy Charrie)
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