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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Gray Valentine

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Gray Valentine

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PostSubject: Gray Valentine   04/03/15, 12:34 pm

Full Name: Gray Valentine
Creature type: Grim Reaper
Date of Birth: October 13, 1993
Age: 21
Home Town: Saint Emilion, France
Current Home Town: London, England
What Grade are you in?: Sophomore

Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eye color: Green
Body type: Slim and Toned
Height: 5' 8"
Dress Style: Casual/Business Sexy
Creature Characteristics: When using Reaper Abilities, Gray's eyes turn Silver.

Character Likes: Books, Rain, Cloudy Skies, Shopping, and Men.
Character dislikes: Sunny Days, Creeps, Most People, Distractions, Pain
Strengths: Intelligence, Speed, Vision Redirection (Ability to be Progressed), Seeing People's True Natures.  
Weaknesses: His Heart (He Denies This), Being on his own, Men. 
Quirks: Biting his lip when he is nervous, He gets nervous around large groups of men.

Gray Valentine is from an ancient family of Grim Reapers. His family thinks that they are above most all other creatures and especially humans. Gray grew up on the illustrious Valentine Estate, a large mansion and property in St. Emilion, France. Often during his childhood there would be balls and galas thrown at the Valentine Mansion. Gray would stay up late and watch the fancily dressed Lords and Ladies arrive and dance the night away. He envied them when he was young. Gray's family were cold and distant as he grew up, he rarely seen his father and his mother was always away taking care of her charities and such.

As Gray entered his teenage years he began to notice his attraction to men. He knew should his parent's ever find out, he would be disowned. The only person Gray could trust with his secret was his aunt Anastasia. She was closer to him in age and the two got along famously. When Gray informed Anastasia of his affinity for males she told him never to admit this to his mother or father. Unfortunately Gray, like most teens, was curious. He began to experiment with his sexuality. This proved to be his downfall. He had been seeing the stable boy behind his parent's backs. On a sunny day in August of 1992 Gray was caught by his father doing unspeakable things with the stable boy. However punishment did not come immediately, instead he was instructed to go to the west parlor and stay until he was summoned. He never seen the stable boy again.

While waiting in the West Parlor, Gray became increasingly nervous. When finally his father requested his presence in the main parlor on the norther end of the mansion. When Gray arrived he took note that a large amount of his father's friends and acquaintances were present in the parlor. He remembered the parlor being dimly lit, and it smelled of alcohol and cigarettes. When Gray had fully entered the parlor and stood before his father, Lord Valentine chose to question his actions earlier in the day. Gray knew his father wanted him to explain what he was doing. As he began to recount the events of the day he shook with fear. When he was done with his summation of events he was struck down by his father's hand. After the first hit it was like a frenzy, fists and legs were flying. After several minutes of the beating, Gray had lost consciousness. The assailants, not wanting to deal with the mess, ordered the butler to dump the boy's body in stables.

After being unceremoniously dropped in the hay Gray came to for a brief moment. He remembered seeing his mother, she was speaking in hushed tones with a smaller man. With a note of finality his mother agreed to whatever was being arranged. Suddenly, he felt someone gingerly picking his frail and broken body up and lifting onto a horse of the purest white. It was his favorite horse in the stable. After being lifted onto the horse Gray quickly fell into a deep slumber. When he woke once more he remembered seeing his aunt's mansion looming ahead of him. He was brought directly to a parlor that seemed familiar. Anastasia quickly had a team of witches begin healing his injuries. It took much of the night, but finally the witches gave him the all clear with the expectation of bed rest. When he tried to tell his aunt of the previous occurrences she merely held up a hand. She informed him that a letter had been sent from his mother. He would be residing with Anastasia for the foreseeable future. After a few days rest Gray was good as new and began to adjust to life on the outskirts of London.        

Name: Helena Valentine
Age: 47
Creature or Human: Grim Reaper
Living or dead: Living

Name: Archer Valentine
Age: 48
Human or Creature: Grim Reaper
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Anastasia Vex
Age: 32
Human or Creature: Creature: Grim Reaper
Living or Dead: Living

Familiar: Albino Python
Favorite Subject: Ancient History
Least Favorite Subject: Potions
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Gray Valentine   04/03/15, 04:44 pm

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Gray Valentine
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