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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Shay Ohara

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Shay Ohara
Vampire Council Members
Vampire Council Members

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PostSubject: Shay Ohara   20/02/15, 05:55 pm

Full Name: Shay Ohara
Date of Birth: Feburary 14th
Age: 19
Any Special Abilities: Grade S Bloodtype Human *approved by dastan*
Home Town: can'tremember
Current Home Town: somewhere in Romania/Transylvania

Hair:see above
Eye color: they are a beautiful lavender blueish purple most times
Body type:see above...he is built beautiful and effiminate but is quite strong, doe like build with the strength to fight like a tiger.
Height: 5' 0"
Dress Style:orienta, jeans & t-shirt, business suits when doing his internship for the law degrees he is almost with a bacheler in.

Character Likes: the strange memory of the mysterious male who saved him as a child, law, going to school, the times he knows where Jaron is, not crossdressing, singing but only in secret, visiting museums, traditional methods, prefers ladies but has a special place in his heart for the mysterious male whose voice he'd never forget.
Character dislikes: not knowing what happened to his family, the fact his sibligns are missing, when people try to use him for a fill in girl, crossdressing
Strengths:his deceptively doe and weak like appearance, his intelligence, his witty demeanor, the nuturing nature he has, can rock the geisha look well, his hair is always beautiful, his ability for law and criminal law is above bar despite he is still just a student and doens't have masters yet.
Weaknesses: his blood brings him a lot of trouble, when he did know where his cousins and Jaron were he ended up babying or mother henning them, can't remember much of his past, somehow gets in danger a lot despite he doesn't do anything wrong, the mysterious savior who helped him as a child is a shadow he chases at night, he very affectionate in his sleep...let's go with that.
Quirks: chewing on his lower lip when nervous or thinking. Tends to bite onto the tip of his thumb when deep in thought. latches onto people he trusts when asleep or sleepy or feeling weak like they are plushies.

Shay was a little boy when his life unraveled as he knew it. His siblings scattered to the winds or are dead. An evil man named Lucifer led a bunch of demons, werewolves, vampires and other creatures to a small village that was connected to both the creature and human worlds. Their soul purpose was to extract a rare child born to the humans. His entire village was burned to the ground, massacured and destroyed. His mother died handing him over to his older brother Jaron. When they ran they found a holy church on the outskirts of their village. His brother thrusted him inside and took off with his cloak. Carrying it like he was still running.That was the last time he would see him for awhile.

When he ran inside he was attacked by some vampires who burst in. Chased to an area of the church he'd grabbed some pointed silver holy object and swung it around. When the vampire lunged it had been killed. His memories of his past are hazy or missing. He remembers hiding in a holy marked object and then a man whose scent he'd never forget came. He took him to safety...Dastan. He couldn't remember what he looked like and only remembered the name at night in his dreams. He hopes to see him again. Now he goes to college and does a part time job as an intern. His older brother Jaron comes and goes but at least he knows he is alive. He is missing right now. He hopes to one day reunite with the man who kept him safe from some guy named Lucifer...

Name:Nami Ohara
Age:can't remember
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: David Ohara
Age:he can't remember
Living or Dead:Dead

Any siblings, Spouses, etc; (if so format, Name, age, living or dead)
Name: Jaron Ohara
Age: 29
Living or Dead: Living and missing

Name: Marto Ohara
Age: 32
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Momo, Haku, Vivi Ohara
Age: 27, 27, 27
Living or Dead: Missing, Missing, Presumed Dead

Living or dead:
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Shay Ohara   21/02/15, 07:10 pm

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Shay Ohara
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