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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Tristan Ryans

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Tristan Ryans
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PostSubject: Tristan Ryans   15/02/15, 02:53 am

Full Name: Tristan Ryans...born Trystan Devon Wayon
Date of Birth: 10/31
Age: 18 1/2
Any Special Abilities: yes. Oracle...beyond just a typical seer. purity is clarity...the whole shibang...includingby touch of object or stuff etc but tries to keep it low profile
Home Town: Korea
Current Home Town: moves around a lot but sticks to romania

Eye color: caramel and black
Body type: effiminate yet sexy. with a more delicate masculinity
Height: 5' 2"
Dress Style: varies

Character Likes: Lestat...his best friend and self proclaimed bodyguard since childhood, his adopted sister thana, freedom, nobody asking questions, avoiding others, solving puzzles, vampires from a distance, music, singing, woodcrafting
Character dislikes: the vampire council, the school, admitting abnormality, romance, his family, giving blood to vampires
Strengths: hiding his ability, staying pure, avoiding temptatiions such as alcohol, drugs, sex, dating, a strange sense of humor
Weaknesses: his ability, controlling when or where it happens especially more powerful ones, the supernatural, trusting others to let them in, his snarky attitude
Quirks: Fidgeting when nervous, when flustered he will blush quite noticably, favoring his lower lip with his teeth when anxious or hiding something, playing with a silver lighter.

Tristan's parents have always been vampire loyalists. They were willing blood bags or living blood sources and loyal to Dastan. They had an older son who was the model child. They lived many years with Dastan's council and vampires. WIllingly providing their blood for him. One day Lorietta was pregnant with her youngest and they came under attack. Lorietta was protecting her children when she was killed. One of the vampires turned her and Hashon further indebted himself to the vampire coven.

Their youngest however wanted nothing to do with these people. He loved the vampire and supernatural kind yet despite everyone else showed abilities in his family...he pretended normalacy. Went to a normal school but was everything but normal. Ever since he was young he was cursed with crystal clear visions. The ability to see things by touching objects or people. Cursed with this gift he hid. Especially from Dastan and his family. Running away around fifteen he changed his name and created a false identiy. Continuing to pretend normalacy as he took to escaping his past by pretending he was someone he wasn't.  He can't escape his matter how hard he tries.

Name:Lorietta Devon Wayong
Age: 45
Living or Dead: Undead ~ Turned

Name: Hashon Devon Wayong
Age: 45
Living or Dead: Human ~living

Any siblings, Spouses, etc; Christian Devon, Jayong Devon Wayong, Thana Semele

Living or dead:

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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Tristan Ryans   16/02/15, 01:17 am

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Tristan Ryans
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