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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Power Claim

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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Power Claim   01/02/15, 04:08 am

Some creatures have powers and some humans have powers, here is where you can claim a power for your creature or human, just copy the code below and we'll add you to the list. But, some powers can not be duplicated, such as an orcale, and we are only allowing one person with a set of power. If you have any questions at all feel free to PM me.

Character Name:
Power/speical ability:
Brief description What would you be able to do with said power


Carly Waters: Zoolingualism (The ability to speak to animals)
Jamal Martins: Warlock Atunement
Freya Shaw: Illusionist
Gabriel Conrad: Empath
Ninette Dover: Visions
Aaliyah Burkov: Healing Touch
Melody Aquarius: Artistic Manipulation
Dustain Frynge: Mindless Dance
Sirius Ladradir : Phasing
Romney wordsworth : Dueling magic
Pasia Argent : Techromancy
Aziz Marlow : Sensory deprivation
Christabelle Paris : Immune to Fire
Devan Moody : Scrying


Juliette Boudreaux: Precognitive
Ophelia Boudreaux: Can Manipulate a human or creatures life force.
Jared Blazon: Ancestrial Power
Cassandra Taylor: Dream Weaver
Shay Ohara: Grade S Bloodholder ~ ask Dastan for specifics or more
Tristan Ryans: Oracle
Anastasia Cole: Has the powers of an underwater goddess.
Jacoda Crow: Ocean Magicum
Crystala Montolleni: Seek & Find
Julian Summerton: Telekinesis
Vincent Rain : Self Duplication
Storm Farron : Can Create Shadows
Cydrao Velmont : Mechnosorcery(the ability to control or become one with techology as well as hear its thoughts or through magical means and mediums)
Noah Davis : Can Freeze Time
Austin-Saliene Mendez : Spirit Mage ~ Heritage Magic
Caroline Maye : Can control water
Jathiila Demonix : Summoner
Danielle Moody : Telekinetic
Angelus Moody : Soothing Touch
Nexoxi Lokison : Cartoon Pyshics
Zita Makvi : Shadow Illusionist
Alyce Moody : Crystallokinetic-magnatism
Nicholas O'Steen : Can sense danger
Ashton Franzer : Psychic (but can only do minor telekinesis, empathy, and telepathy for now)
Fryst Vingar : Frost Magic
Malia Lorraine : Empath
Willow Lorriane : Pyrokinesis

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Power Claim
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