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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Escape & Mendings (One Shot/Synopsis)

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Konan Martins
Konan Martins

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PostSubject: Escape & Mendings (One Shot/Synopsis)   28/09/15, 10:58 am

Konan had been unconscious since the incident that left a bunch dead. Several got away. One probably didn't make it far before his injuries killed him. Thana had found him along with Aiden. Aiden had flitted him off to the medical bay when he was slightly conscious, badly injured, severely blood lossed, and clinging to life. He had been comatose for a few days while they gave blood transfusions...kept him unconscious with painkillers...and reset bones that hadn't healed. He wouldn't have been so bad off...except there was a variety of rogues. Vampires and werewolves...some others. A magic user or two. Still he took out and killed all but three of them. One was severally injured...the three had run off.

Flashforwards a couple more days.....

Five days after that incident...he had tried to escape once and was brought back. After he had staggered out and managed to convince Aiden to take him home...the other had shared some of his blood with him. Helping him mend alot of things but he needed Dastan's blood...which would come a couple days later. He would be found missing when the university doctor went to check on him. He was resting when this his cabin. Dastan coming by had managed to help him physically heal all the way. He needed time and he had been ordered by his master and his boyfriend.

Flash forwards again a few weeks later....

Konan was all better and quite happy to stay in his cabin. Though he heard Thana and Shay had gone out on a mission. He heard from her and Shay that she had taken care of the couple of Rogues that had escaped his true cerberus forms wrath. That made him happy..

(End of one shot slash synopsis)

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Escape & Mendings (One Shot/Synopsis)
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