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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Getting the blood and who knows what else (Possible R rating)

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Thana Semele

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PostSubject: Getting the blood and who knows what else (Possible R rating)   18/09/15, 11:13 pm

Once again Thana found herself at the mercy of others, this time though she had a new Doctor. Someone who could help with her scarring apparently. Thana never one to really open up to people knew she had to go see this guy, so she could keep herself in check. She had scarring and injuries from what Lia had done to her and had to make sure the poisons and such were all out and make sure everything was healing normally.

Waiting she pulled out her iPhone and played some music very softly through her headphones. It had been ages since she had been to a hospital. Well one like this anyway. As far as she knew it was an all over checkup which meant sports bra and short shorts, which she had on underneath her jacket and trakkie pants.

Still checking the time again Thans sighed, she just wanted this over already. She hated doctors, well except for Vince she liked him. But he also wasn't like other quacks she had met so that gave him a free pass.

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Getting the blood and who knows what else (Possible R rating)
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