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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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Romantic Evening (Dastan & Shay) 2s19ook
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 Romantic Evening (Dastan & Shay)

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Shay Ohara
Vampire Council Members
Vampire Council Members
Shay Ohara

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Romantic Evening (Dastan & Shay) Empty
PostSubject: Romantic Evening (Dastan & Shay)   Romantic Evening (Dastan & Shay) Icon_minitime18/09/15, 04:08 pm

OOC: this thread was before any baby discussions got serious and before their fight. just for both our brains sakes Razz


Shay and Dastan had a lot of ups and downs...mostly Shays' own fault. Yet they worked them out. They had managed over time to discover the source of MOST of the issues. Shay's insecurities and repressed memories. Low self esteem. During the past few months after they all came to the agreement to have Juliette be the mother. He knew Juliette loved Dastan and Dastan loved Juliette...not the same as he loved Dastan. He felt romantic feelings for Juliette and wanted them to all be one big happy family. He thought they could all by creature laws at the very least become husbands...and wife? He hadn't explained it well...yet. He spent time with Juliette. They had rescued Thana and her idiot friend Daniel...she was recovering. Spending time with jared off and on.

Dastan had been getting him counscelling with both the moody's. Most times going with him. Now that things were going well and they hadn't had issues outside nightmares which Dastan helped him through. He had planned a romantic dinner. Had the candlelights up. The food was covered in steamer trays and he had blood wine for Dastan and wine for him. He was wearing a sexy outfit that Dastan loved and waiting for him to come home. He wanted a romantic evening and to ask a lot of things and to show Dastan how much he loved him. Anxiously pacing back and forth checking himself in the mirror.
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Dastan Remington

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Romantic Evening (Dastan & Shay) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Romantic Evening (Dastan & Shay)   Romantic Evening (Dastan & Shay) Icon_minitime21/09/15, 03:59 pm

Dastan had been trying to spend more time with Shay on a more personal level; it was something he could do to help their relationship. He was trying everything he could to help with all the issues that Shay had regarding him and if spending more time with him helps and a lot less flirting with other women then Dastan is willing to give it a shot. Dastan was finishing something up at the office before he was going to head home. It had taken longer than he had wanted but he had finally finished and headed home.

Once he had returned home he walked in the house and could smell something very good had been cooked. He went in search of Shay and found him pacing and he caught him looking at himself in the mirror occasionally. Dastan could not help but stand and stare at him for a few moments, “Not sure what you are worried, but you look beautiful.” He said with a smile as he walked over to wrap his arms around Shay and pulled him close. “Planned a nice even I see.” Dastan said and kissed his cheek. “What do I owe the pleasure of the attention?”
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Romantic Evening (Dastan & Shay)
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