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 Gabriel Montfort (Done)

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Gabriel Montfort

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PostSubject: Gabriel Montfort (Done)   12/09/15, 08:02 am

Full Name: Gabriel Robert Montfort
Creature type: Vampire
Date of Birth: January, 13
Age: 636 (looks 30)
Home Town: Nantes, France
Current Home Town: Romania

Hair: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Body type: Athletic
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Dress Style: Gabriel usually seen wearing jeans and a shirt on top. He wears suits and other formal wear for work and special occasions. His clothes are usually in dark shades of colours, but he can be seen in other lighter colours as well.
Creature characteristics: Retractable fangs, blood lust when blood hasn't been consumed in a while, youthful appearance, sensitivity to garlic, nocturnal, small sensitivity to sun (has developed immunity to sunlight due to time being spent outside), huge sensitivity to silver.

Character Likes: History, Music, Swords, Daggers and similar weapons, Archery Books.
Character dislikes: His younger sister, Hunters, Coffee, Snobs
Strengths: Dueling, Unarmed Combat, Historic knowledge, being able to speak different languages, his family and friends.
Weaknesses: Sensitivity to Silver, sensitivity to garlic, has trusting issues, does things without thinking twice about what he is about to do.
Quirks: He speaks with a French accent though he has spent most of his life in Romania.

Gabriel was born in Nantes, France, as the second son and fourth child of his parents, John and Joanna Montfort. He was born into a family of vampires the Montfort's, who were a noble family, Dukes of Brittany. Gabriel was only nine years old when his father John, was killed with a silver blade by one of Joanna's guards on her instigation, as she had developed affection for the English King, Henry who was living with the Montfort's during his exile. Joanna remained a widow for two years and then she married Henry, and she went to England with him, leaving Gabriel and his siblings in their uncle's and aunts and grandmother.

Gabriel and his siblings began their education when they became of age, they were taught many different languages and other essential subjects. Gabriel and his brothers were also given training in sword-fighting, as they needed it. Gabriel accompanied his older brother also called John during battles, he was present when his brother signed a treaty with the English. Gabriel's older brother, was once invited to a festival by the previous Dukes of Brittany, who now held another Dukedom. Gabriel accompanied John there, as he was John's favorite brother, when they arrived at one of the castles where the festival was being held, there John and Gabriel were arrested and they were moved to different prisons everyday, and rumors of their death's were spread. Efforts were made by John's wife Joan who was a French Princess and John and Gabriel were released from captivity.

Gabriel had been betrothed Joan's sister Princess Marie and was set to marry her, they were to be married purely for political reasons. The Princess was sent to Nantes, after Gabriel and John returned, there Gabriel and Marie were married, Gabriel and Marie had been married for only 9 months when Marie died of an illness. Gabriel then asked for the hand of Marie's younger sister, Michelle but she had already been betrothed to another man. Gabriel did not marry again, but he had two children with his mistress, two sons, Giles and Arthur both named after his younger brothers. Gabriel's older brother John was succeeded by his son Francis, John gave up his title and rumors of his death were spread to keep their being vampires a secret.

Francis was murdered by a few of his own men, they forced him to eat garlic which was harmful for Francis. Francis had no male heirs and Peter became the next Duke, Peter who had little interest in becoming the Duke passed the title to his cousin, Francis II, Peter died shortly after, from consuming garlic by accident. Francis was Gabriel's younger brother, Richard's son, Francis. Gabriel and his other remaining brothers worked with Francis, when he made efforts to maintain Brittany's independence, but Francis was in the end forced to sign a treaty and to make the Montfort's vassal's of the King of France.

Francis's unmarried daughter Anne was then forced to marry two French kings, while the rest of the Montfort's were exiled. Gabriel went with his family to Romania, the Montfort's have now lived in Romania for years.
(Will add more as the character progresses)

Name: John V Mormont, Duke of Brittany
Age: 60
Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Joanna of Navarre, Queen of England
Age: 655
Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Unknown

Name: John VI Montfort
Age: 637
Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Alive

Name: Marie of Brittany, Lady La Guerche
Age: 55
Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Margaret of Brittany, Lady of Guillac
Age: 634
Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Alive

Name: Arthur III Montfort
Age: 632
Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Alive

Name: Giles of Brittany
Age: 17
Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Richard of Brittany
Age: 630
Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Blanche of Brittany, Countess of Armagnac
Age: 628
Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Alive

Familiar: Dog
Name : Mafia
Age: 8 years
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Doberman

Familiar: Eagle
Name : Zeus
Age: 1 years
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Eastern Imperial Eagle
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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Gabriel Montfort (Done)   12/09/15, 08:43 pm

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Gabriel Montfort (Done)
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