Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Luxana Vayne

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Luxana Vayne
Luxana Vayne

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PostSubject: Luxana Vayne   Luxana Vayne Icon_minitime12/02/15, 02:12 am

Luxana Vayne Sp7mep
Full Name: Luxanna Sapphire Vayne
Creature type: Vampire
Date of Birth: June 12th, 1580
Age: 21 (435)
Home Town: Transylvania
Current Home Town: Transylvania

Luxana Vayne 29krkn9
Hair: Brown
Eye color: Red/Black
Body type: Petite and Curvy
Height: 5 foot 7
Dress Style: Leather jacket,Lace, Chic, Girly
Creature characteristics: Fangs, Eyes change from red to black depending when she is hungry

Luxana Vayne 2qx9aad
Character Likes: Blood, Literature, History *given she lived most of it*, Guns, Fires
Character dislikes: Sunlight, Fakes, Getting Attitude, Being Lied too, Being Underestimated
Strengths: Physical Strength, Being sneaky, Shopping, Investigating, Rainy Days, Wit
Weaknesses: Sometimes Gulible, Terrible Temper, Indecisive, Sunlight
Quirks: Giggles at her violent moments she thinks is funny,

Luxana Vayne 2ec1y7l
Luxana was born to extreme wealth and was succumbed to being spoiled, her parents set her up with an arranged marriage and she eloped to a secret lover. Even behind closed doors, words spread, her husband found out about her romance and killed her lover in front of her, enraged with anger she went out to the cold harsh midnight. She was embraced by a gentleman who only wanted one thing from her, her blood. Within seconds her body went cold and her lifeless body laid on the cold ground, before moments of death she was turned into a blood sucking parasite known as a vampire. She went back to her mansion just to murder her husband the same way he had killed her true love.

As the years went on she became spiteful, vengeful. How her life could be ruined by her true love being taken from her. That and becoming a vampire made the sweet and innocent girl from Transylvania die and let the raging bitch rise. Lux aka as Kid took in the art of becoming an assassin. Being paid to kill anyone, any way. Due to her age she has been sought out by a lot of vampires. She is friendly with her elders but when a younger vampire comes around she get territorial. She hates when someone tries to tell her what to do or tries to out do her.

Luxana Vayne Mt89aw
Garen Vladmir (Husband) Deceased- Human
Lilian and Jarvan Vayne (Parents) Deceased- Humans

Luxana Vayne Kainmg
Familiar: Fox
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Dastan Remington

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PostSubject: Re: Luxana Vayne   Luxana Vayne Icon_minitime12/02/15, 02:16 am

Luxana Vayne E9wxlk
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Luxana Vayne
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