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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Pink Fields (Makota and Iris)

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Drake Ravenwood

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PostSubject: Pink Fields (Makota and Iris)   02/09/15, 02:00 am


Iris had left the creatures world, she decided that she would like to spend some time in the light woods of the humans world. She hated that she couldn't remember the last couple of years, Drake had told her very bluntly that morning that she probably wouldn't get her memories back and it really didn't upset her, or did it? She didn't know, not for sure anyway. Drake was a lot like uncle Jared and she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. He was always giving their mother, Calista, a hard time and it upset her a lot.

Iris was not in a small field patch, the yellow flowers (like in the picture) were all over the place. She wished in a way that the flowers were pink instead of yellow, to match Makota's pink hair. She giggled a bit, if they were bubble gum pink and Makota was in the field they would never be able to find her. Iris was currently bare footed, she walked through the field until she came to a small little abandoned shack, she frowned a bit and walked towards it. She could tell it was antique. Iris sat down on the front porch and twirled one of the yellow flowers she had picked between her fingers.

Iris would have to bring Jessie here, he would like it. She loved him a lot, but did she love him like a boyfriend or a best friend? She didn't know. She knew Drake loved Jessie even though he would never admit it and always acted like Jessie was a bother, when in reality he enjoyed Jessie's company just as much as Iris did.

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Makota Blazon
Vampire Council Members
Vampire Council Members

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PostSubject: Re: Pink Fields (Makota and Iris)   06/09/15, 07:07 pm

Makota put on a red sundress with green trimmings that formed vines with leaves. A pair of red stiletto heels and was worried about Iris. She had talked with Drake and was worried about her daughter Iris. The twins were down for a nap. She looked around and couldn't find her daughter. Then she walked outside and through the fields. She flitted around following her daughters scent. She wandered with her and looked around even more. She flitted around until she found Iris at the abandoned shack that her brother and her once hid in when she and he were younger. She had a lot in common with Iris. There was times and days she couldn't remember. She flitted and stood beside her daughter. "Hello there Iris." Her brother Viigo was keeping an eye on the twins right now. "This place brings back memories...Iris dear...can mommy have a hug." She asked softly. She looked around again. Her hand touching the doorframe. "I am surprised it was still standing...your Uncle must still take care of it." She said of handedly.
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Pink Fields (Makota and Iris)
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