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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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The Date (Aiden and Konan) 2s19ook
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 The Date (Aiden and Konan)

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Aiden Harvey
Aiden Harvey

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Join date : 2015-05-28

The Date (Aiden and Konan) Empty
PostSubject: The Date (Aiden and Konan)   The Date (Aiden and Konan) Icon_minitime27/08/15, 02:41 am

Aiden had pretty much decided to take Konan to a fancy restaurant first before taking him to the movies. At first he wasn't sure where to go but then he decided on the human world. He wasn't really sure if it was the best idea he had so far but it was a good idea and well the Creatures World was a bit too much even for him. Waiting for Konan by the restaurant, Aiden licked his lips and took a deep breath. Thankfully he had drank blood before coming so he was alright for the minute though he kind of guessed that Konan would not be pleased he had drank from someone else other then him.

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Konan Martins
Konan Martins

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The Date (Aiden and Konan) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Date (Aiden and Konan)   The Date (Aiden and Konan) Icon_minitime28/09/15, 11:22 am

It had been a few weeks since he was all better. Aiden hadn't really spent much time with him due to studying for his tests but he understood. They still ate meals together. He still fed his now boyfriend Aiden. They snuggled. They talked when Aiden had a free moment. He did his jobs. He got good scores on tests he took despite not really caring about school. He had buried some more completed cds he had secretly recorded.

Today though...Aiden had shocked him. Telling him to get dressed nice and meet him at a strange location. After showering he dressed (in the outfit in his avatar or posting picture) and hurriedly made his way there. Going to hte human world and was heading to where he was told to go. Running as he followed Aiden's scent. Confused about why they were in Dimi...or whatever it was ally...he was running a little late because he got side tracked several times. Panting as he finally stopped feet away from Aiden as his chest was rising and falling. "" he panted out before standing tall and catching his breath. He honestly would have been abit sad Aiden ate from someone else but it was only because he had to remind and practically force, blackmail or bribe Aiden into drinking from him or feeding in the first place. He would have understood though.

Moving closer to Aiden and threw his arms over the other males shoulders. Leaning in REAAAAAAAAAL close to him as he nuzzled the other male's chest. Followed by his kissing him on the lips. "I hope your not upset. You really surprised me...your note didn't say what just where...I got lost too. Why didn't you take me with you?" he asked with a cute playful pout after he broke the kiss.

The Date (Aiden and Konan) 21brbxf
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The Date (Aiden and Konan)
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