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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Little Bit Of Romance ~ Step By Step (Khariton)

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Crystala Montolleni
Shop Owner's
Shop Owner's
Crystala Montolleni

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PostSubject: Little Bit Of Romance ~ Step By Step (Khariton)   29/07/15, 03:42 pm

Crystala had an entire day and evening then weekend planned for Khariton. For her Khar. First part was to thank him. Second part was for them to get things they needed to knock down the wall that used to be between her room and his. She hadn't told him that yet just that she had a huge day into the weekend planned for them. She was glad that Khar had been there and was glad they talked. Grateful he saved her and had done a lot of thinking...despite secretly harboring a growing serious drinking addiction...over past and present conversations. She was determined despite flailing with no boat or paddles in uncharted make this work. To show Khar she wanted it to work long term. Even with all the fears and things. She loved him and said it more now. Shyly but she did. Plus she knew one thing he kept stating was it seemed stupid to have two bedrooms when they hadn't really even used it since even a little before dating.

So...step one was lunch. Step two was finding a contractor. Step three was master bedroom and bathroom designing. Step four romantic dinner. Step five...a secret romantic getaway starting with a cruise and things...she hoped everything went well. Once she locked up the store and arrived at the building. Calling Khariton on his cellphone with the one he bought her. "Khariton? Are you ready? I'm downstairs...its time to go on our plans." She said when he answered. She was wearing an outfit he had picked out for her.
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Khariton Lazar
Khariton Lazar

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PostSubject: Re: Little Bit Of Romance ~ Step By Step (Khariton)   08/08/15, 02:56 am

Khar had never really been one to allow the woman to make the plans when it came to a romantic gesture, but Tala was so insistent about doing this for him. He is trying so hard to contain Khariton but some days it was hard and Austin had developed a potion to help suppress him. So far he had only had the first few doses so he was not sure how well it was going to work. But he should be happy that Tala still want to be with him.

He was already coming down the stairs when she called him and walking out the door when he got the phone call, "Hello there, wow I must say you are beautiful." He said in the phone as he walked up too her. "Do I look ok in my simple blue suit?"
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Little Bit Of Romance ~ Step By Step (Khariton)
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