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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Mychal Cambridge

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Mychal Cambridge

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PostSubject: Mychal Cambridge   25/07/15, 09:37 pm

Full Name: Mychal Jace Cambridge
Creature type: Immortal Hybrid (demi-god/immortal human/siren/merdude)
Date of Birth: its a mother knows
Age: 17/18 human appearance
Home Town: wherever mother is
Current Home Town: luna university, atlantis
What Grade are you in?: Freshman

Hair: see above
Eye color:see above
Body type: see aboe
Height: dunno dun care
Dress Style: whatever his mother buys for him
Creature characteristics: (ie eye color change ect)

Character Likes: his mother, swimming, the ocean, humming, song writing, music, dancing, helping his mother out, luring people for various reasons
Character dislikes: pirates, his father, anyone who upsets his mother, failing his mother
Strengths: his mother, his aunts, his family is the most important thing to him, loyalty, intelligent, has both the looks of his mother and his father, is a spitting image of his father with blond hair from his mother, durable, doesn't give up even against the odds
Weaknesses: his mother, his aunts, his family, temperment, has a bit of a secret drug or smoking problem he haasn't revealed
Quirks: pending

~Early Years~

Mychal's mother is Ipolani Campbridge. His father, biologically anyways, is Jacoda Crow. The man doesn't realize he sired him and he has never met him. Hidden away and raised mostly undersea by his mother and his Aunt Sirena. His other aunt Anastasia was there as well. His father had never been a part of his life. He wasn't even sure his mother ever told Jacoda about him. He went wherever his mother went. His Aunt Sirena helped his mother between her stalking and watching Vincent Rain from afar. He spent babyhood and toddler years into early childhood in the kitchen with his mother. Ever since he was a child his mother made him promise to never become a sailor or a pirate...he did. Even as he would grow older this promise would remain.

~Later Adolescent-Pre Teen Years~
During his early adolescent into pre-teen and earlier teen years he was taught how to treat women. How to not go sleeping around. That your family is first and a girl, or guy, you want to date needs to be someone you wouldn't mind bringing home to your mother, your aunts or introducing to others at a family reunion. After he hit puberty he started working out. Between learning anything his Aunts would teach him. They taught him a variety of skills since he was around what looked to be 8 or 9 in human appearance. They taught him languages, which due to his father's genetics he picked up on easily, how to read and write.

As he grew older he began to learn how to fix things. Using youtubes, and researching or reading instruction manuals. He even learned how to ask for directions...something a lot of men, according to his mother and aunts, didn't know how to do. As he hit puberty he began to work out, as previously said, so that he could build up more upper body strength. He ran to build up strength and speed. His family is the most important thing to him. They raised him well and with manners. Primarily his mother Ipolani. His father never knew about him and he has always been the one to hold his mother when she would cry.

~Mid Teen-Current Years~
When Mychal looked about fourteen in human appearance his mother began even more often to speak about her dream of owning a bookstore. He became determined to learn more about this. Over the next couple of years...human appearance wise so it was actually longer than that...he learned everything about his mother's dream store. Which ironically was something even his Aunt Sirena could get on board with. With Aunt Sirenas help, and the internet, he managed to locate books and supplies to put shelves into the first floor, a basement for stock and storage, and the second floor for the apartment living quarters. That part is naked.

When he looked sixteen to seventeen he gathered supplies secretely. At the beginning of September, now looking around 17 to 18 in human appearance, the bookstore on the beach by the port both his mother Ipolani and his Aunt Sirena, frequented...had been completed. The entire beach area surrounding the bookstore all the way to the pier and the port up to the cliffside that he had spent times of his early childhood on decades ago...were being rented or outright owned by the Campbridge family. He had to save up and sell a lot of merchandise, rare pearls and other things but he had managed to secretly do it and get it. He hasn't yet told his mother he was paying for the land but he did show her the bookstore...and is in the process of supplying it with books. He needs to ask his Aunt Sirena but he is fairly sure she will help out with the store.

He recently also applied to Luna University but intends to stay in the upstairs apartment area of the bookstore. Partially he is hoping it will keep his mother away from Jacoda Crow more...but the main reason was...he wanted to give his mother her dream. As well as Aunt Sirena a bookstore she could go to anytime and get books she wanted. After all...his family means everything to him.

Name: Ipolani Cambridge
Age: shush
Creature or Human: Siren/Mermaid Hybrid
Living or dead: Living

Name: Jacoda Crow
Age: doesn't matter
Human or Creature: doesn't matter
Living or Dead: wishes he was dead

Name: Sirena
Age: shush you
Human or Creature: Siren
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Anastasia Cole
Age: shush you
Human or Creature: Sea Goddess
Living or Dead: living

Any siblings?: no

Familiar: pending
Favorite Subject: Ocean and Aquatic Life
Least Favorite Subject: dunno yet
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Mychal Cambridge   26/07/15, 07:05 pm

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Mychal Cambridge
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