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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 The Owner of Wonerland Burlesque Club

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Elsa Vega

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PostSubject: The Owner of Wonerland Burlesque Club   25/07/15, 05:39 am

Luna Ritza more commonly known as Black Widow

Luna Ritza or more commonly known as Black Widow owns the burlesque club named Wonderland. She chose the name because she had this fascination with Alice in Wonderland, she found out she was a shape shifter when she was 13 years old. She could only turn into a black widow spider when she first started trying to shift, she kept the name though because it made her stronger. She had grown up in a household where there was alcohol, drugs, and abuse. She used the Black Widow persona to not only make herself strong, but to help others in her position. She ran away at 17 and was living on the streets, but one day she got a job at bar as a waitress. She didn't know it was a burlesque club until the first night she began working there.

Luna worked there as a waitress until she turned 21 than she became a dancer and a singer, she loved performing as her alter ego, but it was just that: an alter ego. She never let anyone see the true her, not even the girls she worked with. Because if you showed someone your weaknesses they used them against you, so better pretend you are this ultimate being that can't be harmed than they leave you alone. Luna was given the club after the last owner retired and gave it to her, she completely revamped the place. New name, new interior and exterior, and new dressing rooms for her girls. Luna kept all the girls that wanted to stay, most of them did and some didn't, she had some new girls working there. Luna named it wonderland because it was also a home for the rejects, the outcasts, anyone that was abandoned she made it their home as well as theres.

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The Owner of Wonerland Burlesque Club
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