Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 AshestoAshes ~ Theodore Nott

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Jonothan Riley
Jonothan Riley

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PostSubject: AshestoAshes ~ Theodore Nott   AshestoAshes ~ Theodore Nott Icon_minitime23/07/15, 10:22 pm

Working on the whole button thing. Will get back to that to affiliate when we get that sorted. The site never got off the ground because all of us got busy but we're trying now. And its a what if site. Some twists of fate that lead to a completely different HP universe.

Site Name: Ashes to Ashes
how many members?: 10
your name on the site: Theodore Nott
Site Link:SITE
Site Plot:
Harry died the night Voldemort attacked the Potters but still lost his body. He regained his body when Ginny Weasley allowed him to possess her. Joining up with his main soul fragment, Voldemort regained his full body. Changing his name to Lord Peverell he began to change the wizarding world through politics. Effectively cutting themselves off from the muggle world. It was as far as muggleborns being banned from rejoining the muggleworld once they come of age. Is this because he is trying to build up the wizard population and try again? That is what Dumbledore believed, believing their future was eventual integration with the muggles not segregation.

While the world saw what Lord Peverell was doing as a good thing for their community and world, Dumbledore was part of the old paranoid times that they wanted to forget. Dumbledore's people lost after one final confrontation. With the old warrlock dead they are scattered and the wizarding world is at peace. Or is it?[/b][/b]

"I may run and I may hide, but I never tell a lie."
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AshestoAshes ~ Theodore Nott
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