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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Maritza Nesfaratu

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Maritza Nesfaratu
Maritza Nesfaratu

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PostSubject: Maritza Nesfaratu   Maritza Nesfaratu Icon_minitime17/07/15, 12:44 am

Maritza Nesfaratu Sp7mep
Full Name: Lady Maritza Marie Nesfaratu (Nee: Zitzmen)
Creature type: Full Blood Gypsy Witch/ Turned Vampire
Date of Birth: Oct 31
Age: Lost count(Looks 26)
Home Town: Paris, France
Current Home Town: Wherever I choose to be

Maritza Nesfaratu 29krkn9
Hair: Straight Black, sometimes with a hint of color
Eye color: Brown/Black
Body type: tall and slender
Height: 5’7”
Dress Style: Body forming black dresses, showing off all of her assets
Creature characteristics: She tends to make her nails grow and change color depending on her moods

Maritza Nesfaratu 2qx9aad
Character Likes: Lucian, Evil, Blowing things up, Setting Fires
Character dislikes: Good people, people arguing with her, Plants
Strengths: Being a Elemental, controlling water, fire are her strongest.
Weaknesses: Small children, always wanting one of her own
Quirks: Is always filing her nails, always showing off her breasts

Maritza Nesfaratu 2ec1y7l
Maritza was raised in a not so loving home being that of a traveling gypsy family having to do many things she did not want too in her life.  Not many people in her gypsy clan were true witches like Maritza was.  Not only was she a magical witch, she also had the powers to control the elements.  Maritza was glad that she had these magical powers because she was not forced to sell herself like her siblings.

Everything was good until she was 21 and they came into the countryside in Transylvania to try their tricks there.  Her parents sent her to this huge castle that was positioned far away from everything.  Of course she was a little nervous, but she was a witch and could handle herself.  But she was not prepared for what she discovered that the castle.  In the castle there lived a man and if she would have believed the stories her family had been about Dracula maybe she would have been more wary.  But who believed in those things of course.  The man that lived there was not Dracula, but he was just as bad.  It was Lucian Nesfaratu the world’s most evil vampire that walked.  Of course the moment she tried to use her magic on him she discovered that he too had magical powers and immediately enslaved her.

He made her use her magic powers to do his evil biding.  Taking over anything and everything in his path.  She hated the man that kept her locked up as a prisoner to do his bidding.  But as the years went on she grew to love the man deeply.  Even though he was mean to her, which caused her to harden her heart, in the bedroom he was a wonderful lover.  After six or seven years an accident happened and Lucian was forced to change her into a vampire.  Even though he would say that it was not out of love Maritza always knew better, but knew not to speak of it.  They lived in peace between them for hundreds of years gladly taking out any foe’s that came in their way.   One day an evil trap was set and her husband got himself trapped in it and she fought for years to get him out.  Finally being able to release him using her elemental magic he was worse than when he went in.  He wanted to destroy everyone and everything.  Wanting to destroy everyone that had damaged him and Maritza was glad to go along for the ride.  His life was the only life she had known since she was 21 and that was the way she enjoyed it.

She picked up a lot of evil habits and quirks along the way and would not change them for anything because she loved her husband and had for a long time and anyone that tried to get her to change her mind usually ended up dead or a minion to do her bidding.
Maritza Nesfaratu Mt89aw
Name: Lucian Nesfaratu  : Husband and Sire
Age: Unknown
Species: Vampire
L/D: Missing

Name: Cyrdao "Cy" Velmont
Age:  20
Species: Demi-God/Wizard
L/D” Living

Maritza Nesfaratu Kainmg


Name: Sammy
Age: 7
Species: Black Cat
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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Maritza Nesfaratu   Maritza Nesfaratu Icon_minitime17/07/15, 12:51 am

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Maritza Nesfaratu
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