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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Angelus Moody

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Angelus Moody
Asylum Staff
Asylum Staff
Angelus Moody

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PostSubject: Angelus Moody   Angelus Moody Icon_minitime07/07/15, 03:15 am

Angelus Moody Sp7mep
Full Name: Angelus Moody
Creature type: Faye
Date of Birth: April 23
Age: Centuries
Home Town: Woods in Romania
Current Home Town: Havergaust Asylum

Angelus Moody 29krkn9
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Body type: Tall and Built
Height: 6’1
Dress Style: Jeans and t-shirts (Casual) Dress pants and white shirt (Work)
Creature characteristics: His eyes change color depending on his mood

Angelus Moody 2qx9aad
Character Likes: Children, helping people, nature, and his job
Character dislikes: Abuse, neglect
Strengths: Disguise things, grow things with nature
Weaknesses: His wife and daughter

Angelus Moody 2ec1y7l
For a long time many people did not know of the Faye or the roll they played with the earth and protecting everything with nature.  To some the Faye was almost like Mother Nature.  Now amongst the Faye you will different classes and our young man Angelus Moody is one from the higher class of Faye.  Not from the Kings and Queens, but the relatives of them.  Angelus mother was the youngest sister of the queen.  Being a Faye one was generally happy and that was Angelus since the day he was born.  He always loved being around everyone and always tried to help people.  Being from the upper-class society one usually only meets other upper-class people, but that never stopped Angelus, especially when he started school.
From the time he started school he always seemed to be connected with this one girl, this beautiful brunette haired, brown eyed girl; her name was Danielle.  Although Angel’s parents had meant him for someone else when they saw the two of them together they decided that fate had other plans for their son.  Angel never had any interest in any other girls that had come along in school and he never left Dani’s side.  He had loved her for a long time, but he was never sure how she felt about him.  Every time he went to discuss it she always changed the subject until one day when she was 17 she had asked him to meet her late at night in a nearby field. He met her there, they talked, when she admitted her feelings for him, he made her happy to learn his feelings were mutual. She kissed him instantly, there, in that field, under the moon and the stars.

Angel never understood what he had done to Dani over the years, because she never wanted to marry him.  Every time he asked her she had some reason or excuse that the timing wasn’t right.  He never hounded her, but he did keep asking every month more over 30 years.  If you didn’t count the few times he asked her when they were kids.  Finally one day when he asked her she had said yes, at first he had not heard her until he went to say, ‘ok, I will try again next month’ she had grabbed him and told him ‘Angel I said yes’ He grabbed her and twirled her around and began running thru town telling anyone and everyone that they met she had finally said yes.  At this point after 30 years he was excited and he tempted to take her to the king to marry them right then and there, but a las he conceded to wait one more year.  They married one year later, June 5th, in the same field they had their first kiss. Under the moon and stars and in front of their closest friends and relatives, they did not want a big wedding.

A few years later they decided they wanted to try and have a baby, but they were never lucky enough to conceive. Dani was so afraid she was doomed to never have children that she told Angel that if he wanted to leave her she wouldn't blame him.  When Dani told him about leaving her he told her he had stuck by her side all these centuries there was nothing that could tear him away now.  Besides he told her if they couldn't have a baby they could always adopt one. But that spring, much to their excitement and surprise, Dani found out she was going to have a baby. She had surprised Angel with the news later that evening when he had come home from work; finally her life was going to be picture perfect.

But, fate had a different plan. Dani's pregnancy had been a rough one, and Angel did all he could to keep his wife calm and happy.  Of course she might have drove him crazy, but she would never admit it too anyone.  He was just glad that he had been home when he water broke and the baby was born two months early.  Angel found it hard to be strong for Dani while her nerves were crazy about the baby, because he was feeling the same way.  But after a long and very difficult birth, the couple was blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. All it took was one look at their daughters face for her to choose a name: Alyce le Fae Moody.

Now, the couple works at Havergaust Asylum. Angel knew working there would be a little hard on Dani because she was always kind and sweet to them, but the Head of the Asylum said they had to treat all the patients like criminals. Angel knew that with Dani rule would be broken instantly, but Angel said she was good enough and tough enough for this job and he would help her out in any way he could. They live at the asylum with their daughter, Alyce.  This of course is against the rules, so Angel was able to use his Faye powers to create a secret living area within their living area.  So even though they were in the Asylum, they weren’t.

Angelus Moody Mt89aw
Any family members, spouses ect; (if so format, Name, Age, Creature or Human, Living or dead)

Name:  Miranda Moody (Nee: Morningstar)
Age: Unknown
Human or Creature: Faye
Living or Dead: Living

Name:  Richard Moody
Age: Unknown
Human or Creature: Faye
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Danielle Moody
Age: Pending
Human or Creature: Faye
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Alyce le Fae Moody
Age: Pending
Human or Creature: Faye
Living or Dead: Living

Angelus Moody Kainmg

Angelus Moody 1426m2f

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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Angelus Moody   Angelus Moody Icon_minitime07/07/15, 03:17 am

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Angelus Moody
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