Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 No! (Balazar)

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Ashton Franzer

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PostSubject: No! (Balazar)   06/07/15, 01:24 pm

Ashton had been at Mommy's (liza's) place after running away from the strange woman (lulu) and man (balazar). Had several times being here when he was brought back to the man. He over time liked Daddy more than the weird woman (lulu) who both mommy (liza) and Daddy kept saying was mommy. He was less trying to eat everyone and everything. He hadn't been trying to eat everything. He and daddy we're really close but right now he wasn't happy with him. He was not going to bond with the lady who hated him! She had bad vibes coming off of her. He had torn through the house and crashed into things knocking stuff off the stands or walls whenever he ran into it.

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Balazar Franzer
Vampire Council Members
Vampire Council Members

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PostSubject: Re: No! (Balazar)   25/07/15, 12:04 pm

Balazar was not happy with Ashton at the moment because he was tired of him fighting and pushing mommy Lulu away. He seemed to have this belief that Lulu was mean and didn’t like him and want to stay as far away from him as possible. Ashton had run away from Bala and was tearing thru the house knocking over everything in his path. Bala went after him and grabbed him by the back of his shirt and picked him up, “Listen her young man you will not run away from me, and you will be cleaning up your mess that you have made before mommy comes home.” Bala stated firmly. “You need to stop this and you wonder why you scare Mommy Lulu.”
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No! (Balazar)
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