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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 The Last of the Ice Wolves - Fryst Vingar

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Fryst Vingar
Fryst Vingar

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PostSubject: The Last of the Ice Wolves - Fryst Vingar   06/07/15, 03:02 am

Full Name: Fryst Vingar (Frozen Wings)
Creature type: Ice Wolf*
Date of Birth:
Age: 22
Home Town: A reservation in America somewhere
Current Home Town: Lovealen (low-vay-lent)

Hair: Short & Brown
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Athletic Built
Height: 6ft
Dress Style: casual
Creature characteristics: As a human his eyes go blue if using his heritage - his wolf side has blue hued black fur

Character Likes: Roses, wine, snow, forests
Character dislikes: fire, guns, a special amulet
Strengths: creating un-melting figures
Weaknesses: fire, a special indian talisman
can seem like a jerk and smart ass but is sweet & tends to try and be a playful puppy as a wolf

As a young baby boy he was abandoned within the remains of his home. Left to die but it did not end up that way. Fryst was found by two royals. Both were of Fairy origin. Taking him in they were happy to have a son, as they took him home they noticed he was special. They taught him everything about his powers and as well how to shift without hurting himself.

After some time the male began to feel he was left out, he didn't like the life of a prince. Though as he got older he began to keep it hidden from others, his parents agreed his wolf side would be dangerous. They had no idea how everyone would react but they hoped this would work. Everyone in their kingdom loved the prince.

After a while Fryst was betrothed to a girl named Freya. A princess. As of now he is currently looking for her. To meet up with her. To learn more about her as well.

Name: Ardrea Vingar
Age: 390
Creature: Fairy
Alive or Dead: Alive

Name: Gubb Vingar
Age: 400
Creature: Fairy
Alive or Dead: Alive

Familiar: None

The Ice Wolves:
Many many long moons before white-man came to the lands of the Great Spirit a tribe lived in peace. Though try as we might the spirit of winter came harsh and cruel, enslaving the people of the lands. Taking to the shaman he foretold a way to save it but with great consequence. The spirit of winter was soon silence by the magic of the shaman's arrow. Dispersing the spirit into the people they became the spirit. each containing a part of the spirit. No one was free but it was a sacrifice all wished to save their future families from eternal winter. Since then the spirit of winter, the wolf, became part of them.

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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: The Last of the Ice Wolves - Fryst Vingar   06/07/15, 03:13 am

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The Last of the Ice Wolves - Fryst Vingar
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