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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Khariton Lazar

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Khariton Lazar

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PostSubject: Khariton Lazar   05/07/15, 06:57 pm

Full Name: Khariton Montague Lazar
Date of Birth: Aug 8
Age: 26
Any Special Abilities: (If so, please check and see if it has not been claimed.)
Home Town: Berlin, Germany
Current Home Town: Travels around

Hair: Blond or Brown
Eye color: Grey
Body type: Built, muscles
Height: 6’3”
Dress Style: Jeans and Polo’s and suits

Character Likes: Neatness, order, Crystala, money
Character dislikes:  Working too hard,
Strengths: Strong, fast
Weaknesses:  When he sleeps his soul twin takes over

Khar has always been a kind of neat freak, he does not like things out of place, and he wants everything to go the way he wants. He gets upset when people do not do their jobs and he has to clean up their messes.  Khar can be a very angry young man and tends only to show love to one person and that is his intended. Love is a feeling that just does not exist for him. When he has had a bad day everyone knows to stay out of his way.

Khariton had learned at a young age of 16 what his father did for a living and he discovered that he enjoyed it as well. The reason he believed he enjoyed it so much was when he was 15 he watched his mother be killed by someone who was out to get his father. He took it upon himself to kill the person.

Around the same time he learned that his father had made a deal with some man from England, apparently some man that his father was suppose to do something too. But in exchange for their daughters hand Khar father let them go. Khar spent a lot of time with Crystala and fell in love with her and he thought she loved him.

Recently somewhere along the way Tala lost all of her memory of him and their parents promise of her hand to him.   He had been trying to get her to remember him and all it ever did was piss her off.  Her friends told him he needed to forget the Tala he knew and try a different approach to her.  He came to be her best friend and he had really hoped that maybe he could win her over once again.

The only problem he is having is when he curls up with Tala in his sleep the evil side of him comes out.  He thought he had gotten rid of him, but he always seems to reappear in the night.

Name: Katia Vaness Lazar
Age: 35
Living or dead: dead
Blood status or species:Pure

Name: Montague William Lazar
Age: 50
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species:

Any siblings, Spouses, etc; (if so format, Name, age, living or dead)

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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Khariton Lazar   05/07/15, 08:12 pm

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Khariton Lazar
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