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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Danielle Moody

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Danielle Moody
Asylum Staff
Asylum Staff
Danielle Moody

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PostSubject: Danielle Moody   Danielle Moody Icon_minitime30/06/15, 12:30 am

Danielle Moody Sp7mep
Full Name: Danielle Charlotte Moody (neé Thornhill)
Creature type: Faye
Date of Birth: April 23rd
Age: Centuries
Home Town: The Woods in Romania
Current Home Town: Havergaust Asylum

Danielle Moody 29krkn9
Hair: Brown
Eye color: Green
Body type: Slim
Height: 5'6
Dress Style: Casual, Classy when working
Creature characteristics: (ie eye color change ect)

Danielle Moody 2qx9aad
Character Likes: Angel, Alyce, helping people, her telekinesis, having a family, reading, writing.
Character dislikes: her boss, people wanting to hurt her family, not being able to help people, sometimes her job when she has to be mean.
Strengths: Angel, Alyce, her family and friends, being a natural care taker.
Weaknesses: Angel, Alyce, her temper, her conscience, people that need her help
Quirks: Hums all the time whenever she is bored

Danielle Moody 2ec1y7l
Dani was born to Lucinda and Charlie Thornhill, both were upperclass faye. They were in a arranged marriage but did not want that for their daughter, they wanted her to fall in love with whomever she chose, not who they chose for her. Dani along with her sister Sarah, grew up lavishly for faye. When Dani was ten her sister, Sarah, had disappeared off the face of the earth. People searched and searched but none could find her, finally after 40 years, they gave up. Dani never did but told everyone else she had.

When she was a little girl she had grown up alongside this boy, Angelus Moody, she always had a crush on him but was scared to tell him her feelings, she was afraid they were unrequited. But when she got older she knew her feelings were true, he stood by her when her sister had gone missing and never left it. He was her best friend ever since they were small children, she knew he was the one for her. So, one day when she was 17 she had asked him to meet her late at night in a nearby field. He met her there, they talked, when she admitted her feelings for him she was happy to find out they were mutual. She kissed him instantly, there, in that field, under the moon and the stars.

She had been reluctant to marry Angel though, she had no idea why, but it was mostly her fault why they waited a few decades to marry. When she finally said yes she thought Angel was going to throw a parade how excited he was. It made her very happy that she was going to marry the love of her life. They married one year later, June 5th, in the same field they had their first kiss. Under the moon and stars and in front of their closest friends and relatives, they did not want a big wedding.

A few years later they decided they wanted to try and have a baby, but they were never lucky enough to conceive. Dani was so afraid she was doomed to never have children that she told Angel that if he wanted to leave her she wouldn't blame him. He stuck by her side and told her if they couldn't have a baby they could always adopt one, which was fine by her. But that spring, much to their excitement and surprise, Dani found out she was going to have a baby. She had surprised Angel with the news later that evening when he had come home from work, finally her life was going to be picture perfect.

But, fate had a different plan. Dani's pregnancy had been a rough one, not just for her but for Angel as well, between all her mood swings and cravings she was surprised he hadn't ripped his hair out. Two months before Dani's due date, her water broke and she had gone into labor. Luckily Angel had been there to help her.

Dani was so afraid that, with their baby being two months premature, that the baby wouldn't live. After a long and very difficult birth, the couple was blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. All it took was one look at their daughters face for her to choose a name: Alyce le Fae Moody.

Now, the couple work at Havergaust Asylum. Dani was not sure she would be able to work their because of how she was with people, she was always kind and sweet to them, but the Head of the Asylum said they had to treat all the patients like criminals. Dani knew that rule would be broken instantly with her, but Angel said she was good enough and tough enough for this job and he would help her out in any way he could. They live at the asylum with their daughter, Alyce.

Danielle Moody Mt89aw
Name: Lucinda Thornhill (neé Allen)
Age: Unknown
Human or Creature: Faye
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Charlie Thornhill
Age: Unknown
Human or Creature: Faye
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Sarah Walker Thornhill
Age: 9 Human but is older now
Human or Creature: Faye
Living or Dead: Unknown

Name: Angelus Moody
Age: Centuries
Human or Creature: Faye
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Alyce le Fae Moody
Age: Pending
Human or Creature: Faye
Living or Dead: Living

Danielle Moody Kainmg
Familiar: None
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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Danielle Moody   Danielle Moody Icon_minitime02/07/15, 04:59 am

Danielle Moody 117h6k9

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Danielle Moody
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