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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Jonothan Riley

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Jonothan Riley

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PostSubject: Jonothan Riley   29/06/15, 07:07 pm

Full Name: Jonothan Christopher "Jace" Riley Junior
Date of Birth: August 2nd
Age: 20
Any Special Abilities: Parkour, escape artist
Home Town: Raleigh, North Carolina
Current Home Town:

Hair: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Body type: Athletic
Height: 5'9
Dress Style: Whatever he feels like or the occasion calls for.

Character Likes: Heights, speed, anything that gives him a rush,
Character dislikes: Negativity, sitting still, oathbreakers, being called a liar
Strengths: Has a 'unique' way he remembers things, loyal
Weaknesses: Loyal, never lies
Quirks: never lies, always fiddling with something from a paper clip, to strings he pulls from his shirt etc.

Mary's family had fallen on hard times when they moved back to Romania from the united states. Jonothan Senior family had always been in the United States as far as they knew. Both Jonothan and Mary grew up in America in the shadier parts both vowing to get out of the neighborhood and succeeding in their own ways for a time.

Jonothan had been a very talented baseball player and made it into the minors. Unfortunately he ended up blowing his rotator cuff making it impossible for him to ever join the major league. Bitter with disappointment, he joined the military and learned how to fight as well as cook. When he was discharged he worked his way up to sous chef of a kitchen.

Mary worked two jobs both of them as a waitress saving every tip she got as well as her paychecks. Lived with her parents until Jonothan convinced her to live with him spouting promises of money when he got into the major leagues. Instead he left her pregnant and having to pay for their apartment by herself until Jon Jr. was born. After that she was pretty busy working as many as she could to feed and cloth the two of them.

As a child it became quite clear that Jon Jr. was a very active and hyper boy unable to sit still. Babysitters never worked out and there was a time or two that at wits end they had tied the boy to a chair or just tied him up to get him to stay put. He learned to wriggle out of them and thought it all a game. Learning about a program that didn't cost too much and would keep her son occupied, Mary had gotten Jon Jr into gymnastics. It was there he learned about parkour and that he loved anything that had to do with adrenaline and gave him a rush. The older students were the ones that taught him even if he was scared of something he needed to keep smiling and make it look as if it was all easy.

Quit gymnastics when he became aware of the concept of money and that it was what was making his mom never be home. Began to call himself Jace and started walking the streets. Learned how to fight dirty but still chose running over fighting. Found ways to earn money to slip into his mother's purse or gave to the land lady secretly whenever they were short on money or rent was due.

Only came in contact with his father twice. The first time was when his father came back from the service thinking to pick up where he and Mary left off and she sent him packing. The second time was when Jace actually went to where his father was working and got him sacked after continually harassing his mother.

Name: Mary Rose Weaver - Riley
Age: 46
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Jonothan Christopher Riley Senior
Age: 54
Living or Dead: Living

Any siblings, Spouses, etc; (if so format, Name, age, living or dead)

name: Waffles
age: 16
Living or dead: Living
Species: ADS tan colored cat
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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Jonothan Riley   03/07/15, 03:59 am

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Jonothan Riley
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