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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Zita Makvi ~happy asylum patient

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Zita Makvi
Asylum Patients
Asylum Patients

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PostSubject: Zita Makvi ~happy asylum patient   29/06/15, 05:57 pm

Full Name: Zita Natiyanna Makvi
Creature type: Demi-goddess/Celestial Nymph hybrid
Date of Birth: 10/31/????
Age: looks 16-18...true age unknown
Home Town: Area 51 test tube
(actuality a grecian godlands area...just spent lot of life in area 51 after kidnapping)
Current Home Town: Asylum

Hair: see image
Eye color:
Body type: see images
Height: 4' 11"
Dress Style: varies
Creature characteristics: (ie eye color change ect)

Character Likes:mind games, illusions, screams, talking to herself, not being touched but does like touching..sometimes, when things go right, messing with peoples heads, living in her fantasy world where she is a character, her insanity, alcohol, being a walking definition of born psychopath along with a textbook example of all sorts of mental health psychosis issues
Character dislikes:being touched, being tied down, loud bang sounds or thunder, spiders, snakes, living in the real world , medications, silence in the voices, people trying to fix her
Strengths:using insanity in sync with illusions, a pretty good subconscious control level of illusion manipulation, stealing or conning people out of things, psychosymatic mind games, mind games, insanity, making self look sane, living in her fantasy world, being aware of her insanity, animalistic actions or traits from ferality, cannibalism...can eat even bones.
Weaknesses:eeds to learn more control over illusion manipulation and power replication, doesn't like being touched...only being the toucher, schitzophrenic, bipolar, ptsd, mild disassociative identity order, mulitple personality disorder, deals with imaginary friends better than others, is heading on a downwards spiral towards villanhood if left unattended, Kleptomaniac, various other text book definitions of mental health psychosis.
Quirks: has a habit of singing random songs that are either creepy, about insanity, death, gore or something as simple as the funny farm song...completely at random...and often out of sync with surrounding events. is cannabilistic and mildly feral

She is a test tube baby that was created in the underground networking. Gene splicing known mutant genetics and random mutnat genetics into a human embreyo. Many tests failed until they created...her. The unexpected addition of a psychopaths blood had corrupted the perfect specimen. This wasn't known until after she started getting to the test tube age of five and they removed her from the tube for test that they found out. Violent things happened and they put her back in the tube. They continued the experiments until they managed to incooperate her mind into the very cortex of the human brain...fully awakening the illusion abilities within her....actually she is the daughter of Dionysus and some celestial nymph but since she was kidnapped at six months that was the story area 51 fed her and what she knwos and believes.

What happened next is undocumented...needless to say a naked child was found by a group of gypsies and taken in as one of their owns. She hasn't spoke outside of when talking to the voices or being sing song way using the abilities. While not inately good or evil she is on a self destructive path towards villanhood if left to her own devices. Needless to say...she eventually ended up somewhere where she was caught at the age of 13, and forced into an asylum. Where she has contently been ever since. Still doesn't get what the big deal was...she was only eating some low life pimp when he tried to rape her....self defense gone big right?

Name: Dionysus
Age: ????
Human Or Creature: Greek God
Living Or Dead : living and don't care long as zita happy

Name: Azuria
Age: ???
Human or Creature: Celestial Nymph
Living Or Dead: dead...killed by the people who stole her.

Familiar: none
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Zita Makvi ~happy asylum patient   29/06/15, 06:47 pm

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Zita Makvi ~happy asylum patient
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