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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Jessie Kinston-Maze

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Jessie Kinston-Maze
Jessie Kinston-Maze

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PostSubject: Jessie Kinston-Maze   Jessie Kinston-Maze Icon_minitime28/06/15, 09:09 am

Jessie Kinston-Maze Sp7mep
Full Name: Jessie Kinston-Maze (given name Jessie ???)
Creature type: (UNKNOWN) Demi-god/Siren Hybrid
Date of Birth: pending
Age: 13
Home Town: Islandish area off the shores of Italy
Current Home Town: unknown
What Grade are you in?: none yet...when old enough...???

Jessie Kinston-Maze 29krkn9
Jessie Kinston-Maze Young_innocence_by_maykamagd-d3jkr9e
Jessie Kinston-Maze P7y3n
Hair:Black with minor blond streaks.
tends to be more black toned less does weird things to it. used to have it to forcefully dyed for different shoots...clean or otherwise
Eye color:greenish grey, blue, brown, tends to change colors at times.
Body type:see above
Height: 4' 6" last measure...currently don't know
Dress Style:whatever and anythign...pretty and cute, sexy and sultry, boyish and cool...he loves it all long as he can model it. prefers girl outfits as was raised that way.
Creature characteristics: genderfluid, sounds very girly most times, has an alluring and entrancing voice, bewitching or alluring features, sings like an angel,
unknown other traits as far as water based go. will add to as figure it out.

Jessie Kinston-Maze 2qx9aad
Character Likes:*pain so long as it isn't extreme <learned>
*being loved
*not being used by women for sex
*wearing pretty or emo clothes
*strong males
*being noticed
*being shown affection
*loves receiving love and affection (yet has been brainwashed that older people doing sexual things to him is a form of love and affection)
*the lady who saved him...Jessica Maze aka Mommy
*mommys weirdo husband
*Drake & Iris both varying levels
*head over heels in love & more with Drake Ravenwood
*loves to draw
*other revealed over storyline

Character dislikes:*giving pain
*having to be photographed naked
*being unloved
*the times has ended up in the hospital
*the agent named Roger Clemson (is a half blood wizard of dark witch society)
*Christian Devon
*people trying to hurt kitty
*those who are narrow minded
*slayers and hunters...though jessica maze is changing his mind on this
*his understandign of what is good or evil
*people trying to take him from mommy or say she is evil
*drake not getting it
*this feeling like a piece or half of him is missing that makes no sense
*others revealed over storyline

Strengths:*can endure a lot of pain
*is loyal
*is loving
*is a dreamer
*beautiful girly boy voice
*sings like an angel
*is fiesty
*can soothe others
*his "magically" beautiful art
*his deceptively stupid yet highly intelligent to philosophical nature
*can make friends or allies out of the most strangest or unexpected of jessica maze becoming quickly and incurably attached to a brat Wink
*others revealed over storyline

Weaknesses:*is not physically strong
*is attention needy due to lack of affection
*being extremely submissive
*knowing the difference between right and wrong
*can be a bit too opinionated
*intimidates a bit easily compared to most
*is afraid of spiders
*is afraid of bugs
*doesn't like being alone in the dark
*is innocent minded
*Is naive
*can be gullible
*believes being touched sexually is signs of love and affection
*is literally incapable of understanding, learning or having a concept of good or evil
*has mild brain damage that has him child like at times from early on abuse and controlled learnings
*others revealed over storyline

Quirks:*sticks pointer finger in mouth cutely when curious or thinking
*overly affectionate

Jessie Kinston-Maze 2ec1y7l
Parents & Both Twins History
Jessie and Cernu's mother and father were a pairing that wasn't meant to last in the longterm. Their mother was a beautiful siren maiden from a set of islands in the ocean off the shoreline of italy.. Their father the sexy god named Adonis. The two met and had numerous romantic rendevue's. One of which was the last the siren maiden had with the god that would sire, unbeknownst to him, a set of identical twin boys. Cernunnos being the oldest and the smaller baby born as ---- name later lost.

The siren maiden parted ways with Adonis for the last time. A few months later she realized she was pregnant. Giving birth numerous months later to a beautiful set of twins at the hospital in the creatures world. The siren maiden was murdered. The kidnappers were the people who raised him. However, the doctors and nurses weren't alone and hunters managed to keep the other baby from being kidnapped. This twin being Cernunnos.

An italian couple adopted the other twin and Jessie was whisked away.

Jessie's Personal History
Story he was told...Jessie was orphaned before he was even a year old. He was wandering around crying when a man named Clemson picked him up and took him away. Starting at a year old he was photographed naked. He was touched in wrong ways. He was kept from learning what was right and what was wrong. He grew up in this lifestyle. Modeling and when he would argue he would be beaten severely. He began to learn, which was egged on by rogers saying pain was a good thing, that he liked pain. Has been brainwashed into believing that pain without extreminities is a good thing.

He hated when he turned five and the man began to let women do sexual things with him. He was told that it wasn't wrong. He was taught that it was a good thing. That they were signs of love and affection. He has no concept of right and wrong. He wishes for something more. For a family that would love him but every time people came to take him away the evil man killed them.

Current Jessie Stuff
Jessica Maze, a hunter woman...came to the location where the evil people were keeping him. Using him for normal and child pornography pictures...and destroyed them all. She found and rescued him. Quickly winning him over not only in owe but awesomeness. He became attached to her. As well as the fact she was pretty he quickly started calling her mommy. He likes wearing the outfits she puts him in. He recently met Dominic her husband and has a new family. He doesn't like it when people speak badly of mommy (Jessica Maze)

Jessie Kinston-Maze Mt89aw

Mother: birth
Age: ???
Creature or Human: Siren
Living or dead: Decease ~ Murdered

Father: birth
Name: Adonis
Age: ???
Human or Creature: God
Living or Dead: Living

~after murder and kidnap of jessie, failed kidnap of cernunnos~
belonged to a child porn star, slave ring and an evil man all of whom jessica slaughter.

~after being saved and taken home by Jessica Maze~

Adopted Mother
Name:Jessica Maze
Age: unknown age
human or creature: human, hunter
living or dead: Living

Adopted Father
Name:Dominic Maze
Age: unknown age
human or creature: human, hunter
Living or dead: Living

Any siblings?:
older identical twin brother
Name: Cernunnos DiMercurrio-Foxx
Age: 13 by human appearance
Human Or creature: (unknown to him) Demi-god/Siren Hybrid
Living Or Dead: Living but seperated at birth

Adopted Older Sister
Name: Christina Maze
Age: ???
Human or Creature: was born human ???
Living Or Dead: living

deceased adopted older half brother

Jessie Kinston-Maze Kainmg
Familiar: none yet
Favorite Subject:n/a not a student
Least Favorite Subject:n/a  not a student
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Dastan Remington
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Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Dastan Remington

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PostSubject: Re: Jessie Kinston-Maze   Jessie Kinston-Maze Icon_minitime06/07/15, 11:22 am

Jessie Kinston-Maze 117h6k9
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Jessie Kinston-Maze
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