Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Luna Shine

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Luna Shine
Asylum Patients
Asylum Patients
Luna Shine

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PostSubject: Luna Shine   Luna Shine Icon_minitime27/06/15, 07:01 pm

Luna Shine Sp7mep
Full Name: Luna Shine
Creature type: Dhampir
Date of Birth: December 31, Year Unknown
Age: Assumes she is 21
Home Town: Unknown
Current Home Town: Havergaust Asylum

Luna Shine 29krkn9
Hair: Blond
Eye color: Gold
Body type: Very Thin
Height: 5’0”
Dress Style: Old clothes, usually a dress but its ratty
Creature characteristics: Her eyes are always gold.

Luna Shine 2qx9aad
Character Likes: Reading, Swimming
Character dislikes: Being a prisoner, being used for sexual favors, being dirty
Strengths: She is good at closing herself off from the world around her, becoming like a hollow doll.
Weaknesses: She believes that the attention she receives is a good thing, even though she doesn’t like it.
Quirks: Wanders around a lot mumbling to herself.

Luna Shine 2ec1y7l
Not much is known about the young woman that resides in the Havergaust Asylum, except for the fact she has lived there since the age of 13. She would have been placed there sooner, but they did not except new patients unless they were thirteen. Before she arrived at the asylum she was living in country orphanage where she had been since the age of 5. Apparently she came from a well to do family that was killed by some hunters. Her family thought of them as an abomination because they were part human and part vampire. Of course she was unaware of this fact until she was older and even then she was not sure what she was. She could eat real food and enjoyed blood from animals not knowing that she should not be drinking from animals but that’s the only kind of blood she could get here.

The orphanage did not understand her needs to drink this blood or kill the animals so they thought she was crazy and was glad to get her out of the orphanage. She had always been quiet and a loner because no one wanted her so when she was thrown into the asylum it was no big deal to be locked away in a room. Her first few months were pretty nice and they finally were giving her human blood to get her to stop killing animals, but soon she had to pay for the blood. Not with cash, but the only thing she had which was her body. She began to basically be a slave to the man who ran the place and anyone else that seemed to want her too.

She is now 21 she thinks, she has been here so long she really is not sure and then being the type of creature she was she was also not sure. She tried to escape early on to no avail so she gave up and decided to just play the game that she was dealt. She became a shell of a person and after she showed them she had given up and wasn’t going anywhere she basically let her rome the building. Of course there were certain area she could not get into, but she always tried. She tried to behave because she could live with the sexual abuse that she took, but it was the physical abuse she tried to avoid.

Luna Shine Mt89aw
Mother: SaraAnn Shine
Age: Dead
Species: Vampire

Father: Bart Shine
Age: Dead
Species: Dhampir
Luna Shine Kainmg
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Dastan Remington

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PostSubject: Re: Luna Shine   Luna Shine Icon_minitime27/06/15, 07:36 pm

Luna Shine 117h6k9
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Luna Shine
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