Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Sabastion de Havergaust

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Sabastion de Havergaust
Asylum Patients
Asylum Patients
Sabastion de Havergaust

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PostSubject: Sabastion de Havergaust   Sabastion de Havergaust Icon_minitime27/06/15, 03:23 am

Sabastion de Havergaust Sp7mep
Full Name: Sabastion Elric de Havergaust
Creature type: Qilin
Date of Birth: September 12th
Age: 22
Home Town: Romania
Current Home Town: the basement of Havergaust Asylum

Sabastion de Havergaust 29krkn9 
Hair: Short & Brown
Eye color: brown
Body type: built 
Height: 6' 1"
Dress Style: relaxed and comfortable - jeans usually
Creature characteristics: 
Scared and timid toward people - his eyes are golden as his animal

Sabastion's Animal Side:

Sabastion de Havergaust 2qx9aad
Character Likes: 
Candy, tea, soda, & tacos
Character dislikes:
Humanoids & his brother
Dark Magic & reading
His Brother, earth magic
Is a shy man, after being forced to be his animal constantly he gave up one the hope of being free.

Sabastion de Havergaust 2ec1y7l
Wealthy, rich, well off more than most the Havergaust family were; all due to a dark secret. An institution. Deep in the countryside of Romania the family lived there since the beginning of their name. They had not been always rich, rather poor for years till Vincent & Sabastion's grandfather made the asylum. The prospect of this asylum did not go very far for a couple years only till the authorities began to send criminals (rapists, butchering murderers, crazy men and women) to the asylum. Slowly it brought in money, soon many began to pay yearly to keep family in there so they wouldn't need to deal with them. Each year the money accumulated and soon the family got richer. Some became real doctors others became the ones for the asylum.

Elyzabeth, the mother of Sabastion & Vincent, had met her husband at the asylum. Not as a patient but someone who was putting an elderly senile man there to be helped. It was love at first sight, yet later on once they had children- the two boys did not seem to get along well. Vincent was born a few years before Sabastion, making him the one to inherit the Asylum one day. The boy never was excited till later when he began to learn he could have the power to control the lives within. Vincent always hated Sabastion, the boy was quiet and did not like being near others. Once they were in their late teens their parents vanished without a trace.

Vincent took over as soon as it was possible. Learning as he went only to feel hindered by his baby brother. Around twenty years of age he institutionalized Sabastion. Slowly driving his brother insane with lies about people who hunted their kind. After a while Sabastion gave up being human. Going into solitary Sabastion basically did not even exist. Vincent was a cruel man and never allowed anyone to leave. However there was a way to leave. Anyone who could convince Sabastion to be human just for  day or more could leave. If they were to fail- their sanity would be taken. Since Vincent took over, no one has left.

Sabastion is currently in the basement of the Havergaust Asylum, hiding from anyone.

Sabastion de Havergaust Mt89aw
Name: Elyzabeth
Age: 43
Creature: Qilin
Life Status: Dead

Name: Eric De Havergaust
Age: 54
Creature: Qilin
Life Status: Dead

Name: Vincent
Age: 22
Creature: Qilin
Life Status: Alive

Sabastion de Havergaust Kainmg
Familiar: none

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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Sabastion de Havergaust   Sabastion de Havergaust Icon_minitime27/06/15, 04:21 am

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Sabastion de Havergaust
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