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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Alura Minevara Von Schlagne

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Alura Von Schlange

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PostSubject: Alura Minevara Von Schlagne   24/06/15, 10:31 pm

Full Name: Alura Minevara Von Schlagne
Creature type: Witch
Date of Birth: 12/12
Age: 25
Home Town: Ireland
Current Home Town: Ireland

Hair: Black
Eye color: Green
Body type: thin & curvy
Height: 5'4
Dress Style: Gothic
Creature characteristics: Eyes glow jade or flash jade of using magic. If using very powerful magic a black celtic cross forms on her forehead.
Birthright Power: Tonic of the Snake*

Character Likes: Snakes, Spiders, poisons, & 
Character dislikes: mice, bright colours, dark caves, butterflies, moths, the colour pink, & cheese cake
Strengths: making antivenom & making snake related potions
Weaknesses: champagne & dark magic
Quirks: is scared of butterflies and moths

At the age of two she was left in a dumpster by her mother and father. A note was left with her saying if she was found her last name was Schlagne  (s-sh-law-l-ney), as well as mentioning they never wanted a baby of the devil. Alura was found two days after this, by two members of the Carnival Arcane thanks to the soft whimpering muted by the closed lid. Raising a baby who could do magic was hard but they tried. She grew up as Alura the Snake Lady. She learned to use her magic to control snakes at an early age to help perform. As she grew older her beauty was part of the act. Fingernail polish made from deadly snake venom adorned her nails, special oils she made kept her hair smooth. Many men fell for the charms of the Snake but as was her trick. No man could get close. Her snakes, loyal to her due to tender loving care and hand raising them. One such snake was named Ashes, never once left her side or left her shoulders as a drape. The snake saw her as its mother.

After a few years the carnival began to dwindle and soon was empty. With no home Alura took her year old snake as well as a few others and left. She lives in the countryside within an old forest cabin. Her magic practiced every day she began to sell antivenom to docotrs to earn money. She never once learned who her parents were only that her parents hated her for her magic.even though she had been left to die she was happy. Why? It was all due to have been raised in a carnival while learning her powers could do anything.

She was an orphan growing up.The carnival workers took care of her.
Here are the ones who took care of her mainly 

Jackal the Scarab charmer
Rosetta the Fire Eater
Abigail Williams the animal keeper
Geranimo the muscle man

Familiar: a Black Mamba named Ashes
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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Alura Minevara Von Schlagne   24/06/15, 10:33 pm

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Alura Minevara Von Schlagne
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