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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Elsa Vega (Chrissy Charrie)

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Elsa Vega

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PostSubject: Elsa Vega (Chrissy Charrie)   08/06/15, 02:34 am

Full Name: Elsa Teagen Vega
Creature type: Demi-Goddess
Date of Birth: December 25th 2001
Age: 24
Home Town: London, England
Current Home Town: Bran, Romania
What Grade are you in?: Senior

Hair: light brown
Eye color: green
Body type: slim
Height: 5'6
Dress Style: Gothic victorian, burlesque kinda.
Creature characteristics: Pending.

Character Likes: Playing her violin, singing, music, Carlisle, her mother, everything gothic or victorian.
Character dislikes: snobs, guys that only want one thing, when her creative muse fails her.
Strengths: music, sewing, dancing, singing, Carlisle, friends and family, art.
Weaknesses: Carlisle, friends and family, being bullheaded, has a tendency to fall in love with the wrong guys.
Quirks: Speaks with different accents to confuse people.

Elsa was born to the muse of music Euterpe and her than husband Tyler Vega. Her mother hadn't planned on staying with Tyler for long because she didn't want him knowing about her being the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. But when she had Elsa she knew she had to stay with Tyler, but one day, he went to work and never came home. Search parties had searched for him for days but no one found him. Euterpe knew she had to move on for her and Elsa's sake. So that's what she did.

She had a one night stand with some man she only knew for a few hours when she got pregnant with Elsa's half brother, Carlisle. Elsa wasn't angry or anything at her mother, she was happy she was getting a baby brother. Everyone knew they were half siblings as they didn't look much alike at all. But they didn't care what others thought. One day, they came home from school and found a note left by their mother saying she had gone away for a few days and would be back soon...she never came back. Elsa was 17 at the time.

Elsa worked 2 jobs, one as a burlesque dancer which she did at night, the other as a violin teachers assistant. Both paid pretty well and she enjoyed both of her jobs. She made sure she and her little brother were taken care of. When she attended Luna she hated leaving Carlisle behind but she always made sure to visit him whenever she could. Now she is in her last year and it will be her brothers first year.

Name: Euterpe
Age: Unknown
Creature or Human: Muse
Living or dead: Assumed Living

Name: Tyler Vega
Age: Unknown
Human or Creature: Unknown, Assumed Human
Living or Dead: Unknown, Assumed Dead.

Name: Carlisle Lamont Vega
Age: 19
Human or Creature: Demi-God
Living or Dead: Living

Familiar: A rabbit named Hatter
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite Subject: English
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Ophelia Boudreaux
Leader of the Unseen/Admin
Leader of the Unseen/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Elsa Vega (Chrissy Charrie)   08/06/15, 02:35 am

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Elsa Vega (Chrissy Charrie)
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