Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 About The Vanishing Treasure Shop

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Crystala Montolleni
Shop Owner's
Shop Owner's

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PostSubject: About The Vanishing Treasure Shop   06/06/15, 08:51 am

The shop is made of the vanishing wood of a mysterious tree from the creature world. So its not easy to keep up with its ever changing locations. It is full of rooms with refurbished, fixed, shined and made good as new antiques such as furniture and silverwares. Jewelry, music boxes and much much more. The building vanishes and reappears at the oddest of times. It has plenty of space for patrons to travel through shelves, cases, tables and more that are filled with all sorts of treasures and oddities. The store has security system and climate controls that allow for the store to feel just the right temperature to all patrons. Yet not damage some of the old books or scrolls. Some items are limited supply others have a good number of them. There are even items that will only appear to certain people.

The vanishing treasure shop is made up of the basement, floors 1-2, third floor, the penthouse and attic. It is bigger inside than out. The ground floor is checkout, request something to be found which has its own varying fee, and the items located on the ground floor belong to a more era based theme. First floor is more a blast to the past as far as interior design, fashion and ancient technology or old timey toys goes.

The second floor holds any treasures, oddities or miscellanious items that can't be found in the other two areas or have not yet had their era established as well as a weaponary/armory area that may contain more modernish type things safely behind cases or out of reach of children. Third floor is for muesum items only and is inaccessible to the public. Top floor is the penthouse area where Crystala lives and the attic area. The basement is where items for the store are fixed up, shined up, verified and documented.

The shop vanishes and reappears in different areas. Never in the same place after closing as it is when it opens again. The secrets behind this seem mostly unknown.

Owner Note: I'll do my best to keep it updated and try to make it as interactive as possible. Whenever the shop is open in an area I'll try to remember to message people about it. For now the stores going to be open in Luna and Creature World locations primarily until we have more in the human world Very Happy
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About The Vanishing Treasure Shop
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