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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Marshal Saline

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Marshal Saline

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PostSubject: Marshal Saline   02/06/15, 10:00 am

Full Name: Marshal Salvan (nee Salazar) Saline (nee Vanders)
Creature type: Pureblooded Unicorn Boy
note: he is full unicorn explained below but his father was human thus making him a hybrid to some people.
Date of Birth: month, day, ????
Age: appearance age of 18-21
real age unknown but he is knwon to be at least over 200 years plus old since he ages slowly
Home Town: Unknown ~ Creature Worlds...Magical Forest, Liza's Place
Current Home Town: Creature World's...Magical Forest, Luna University or wherever liza & mystical are
What Grade are you in?: Freshman

Hair: blonde to dirty blond or brown shades, hair length varies but generally sexy short or shoulder length
Eye color: blue shades but sometimes when bubbling with energy it gets amberish to golden hues or flecks in it.
Body type: see image
Height: i forget...i gotten taller now than i used to...
Dress Style: varies sometimes he is shirtless and others he wears a tank top. He tends to be barefoot except when going into public towns where he will wear sandles or slip on mocassin type shoes. Though he tends to also wear whatever his mate or mother buy him or the forest creatures give.
Creature characteristics: in his human form he has the horn from his unicorn picture and its hidden by glamours that automatically trigger but it shows when shifting forms for a second.
special traits of the pureblooded unicorn ~ *immune to poisons
*not dying easy
*unicorn magic
*abilities to use powerful and multilayered or level glamour spells to hide the horn in human form
*the older generations, their descents (when taught), and those of royal or noble bloodlines can take human forms generally done secretly
*ability to form unicorn bonds that allow telepathic communication or ability to find anywhere and everywhere
*various others

At times Marshal has come off as a bit of a loner or someone who is selective in friends but he actually only takes friends he truly sees as true friends. Friendship with him is forever. He is a lover first and a kickass fighter second. He is very romantic and passionate but not just in the typical ways in unique ways as well. He has grown up to at times be quite the daredevil due to outside influences. Despite he would never cheat or even look at another woman because they pale in comparision to his beautiful unicorn he hit older puberty at times he developed the reputation for being a bit of a bad boy...more like his mother's style than player or his younger older brothers Austin's.

Normally Marshal is very easy going, kind, compassionate and hard to piss off. He takes care of his own and the denizens of the forest. He has a strong bond and a secret warrior drive given to him by interactions with the centuars. He is gentle and nuturing yet deceptively strong. Not just in spirit but physical strength and ability. He is very protective, especially if he lets you in, of others and the weaker types. He can be quite comedic and even to the point of being a "class clown" or circumstantial goofball.

Very curious and he loves to learn as well as to teach others. To show them things they normally wouldn't. He can be daring yet calculative and strategic..deviously intelligent even. He has always been very observant, studying, and uniquely viewed and intuitively intelligent beyond normal intelligence. He is brave yet skittish at times due to his unicorns nature, yet its not as noticable now, nor does it control him or show at bad times. He rebellious (at times), sweet and loyal.

In short...he is a barrel of complimenting and contradicting personalities due to the unicorn nature, his fathers nature, and his human natures, he is generally a secret badass.

Character Likes: Mystical, his family, his mother, the forests, the creatures of the forest, bavo, the centuars, pending

Character dislikes: people who hate or kill what they don't understand, when mystical is sad, when people are hurt (mostly his unicorns nature), pending

Strengths: just to list a few but this isn't all of the
*shifting (to unicorn)
*glamour to hide horn
*living through shit that should've killed him
*healing (self)
*healing (others)
*detoxification (venom and poisons)
*blades (tossing or using)
*thrown projectiles
*Animal communication
*seeing into peoples soul
*knowing good and evil by the persons eyes and soul
*Magical Arts
*Dark Arts
*Arcane or Forbidden Arts
*Divinicancy through tarot cards & other means
*Hand to hand combat
*numerous others

Weaknesses: just to list a few but this isn't all of them
*his mother
*the creatures of the forest
*torn between three very strong natures.
*people hurt
*beautiful women (to an extent)
*arrows (to the heart)
*losing his horn (it'll grow back but make him extremely vunerable)

Quirks: seen in storyline

The history he thought was true....Marshall's mother was a unicorn who was seduced in her human form by a human male. His father fell in love with his mother and helped her raise their son. He was a rebellious child but loving despite this. He grew up learning to fight and how to use a blade from his father. Whereas he learned healing from his mother. When his parents were killed and his mother's horn stolen he left the home they had lived in. His horn he hides with glamour and he has never let anyone in. Is a loner by nature but still in his own way is searching for that perfect lady. His adopted Mother Liza Saline had been his mother's unicorn bond. He and Mystical met in a dream world when they were both barely toddlers. Their bonds transcended time, distance and reality comprehension. She was an angel born to human form who later on regained angel wings and her arch-angel rank.

However....this was all a least the part about his family. In reality...his father and mother were not happy and his father was in and out of his life. The parts involving liza and mystical were true...that was really the only parts of his decades and decades of childhood...that were not more than a well acted illusion. His father was really a abusive man and disowned brother of Liza. He was a necromancer warlock and pure evil. His mother was killed by hunters council along with evil magic users. He was around five...his memories repressed. Mystical before she was foster child to Liza was abused and tormented by the human parents who didn't like their daughters beauty and uniqueness. He doesn't remember it but he killed them and freed her.

The good parts of his memories the ages of 8 in appearance Mystical and Marshal were united in person. They would spend decades upon decades together. Growing older and closer until they were young adults...legally husband and wife by common law terms. Husband & wife and mates by creature terms. He plans to propose to her make it legal and her dreams come true. He recently has also been accepted into Luna University...their house in the big old willow tree long since finished may eventaully be added onto as they have had the baby talks...soon they will hold a wedding to be married by all laws.

Name: Liza Blazon
Age: ???
Creature or Human: Creature
Living or dead: Living

Birth Mother
Name: Celestia
Age: ?????
Creature or Human: Unicorn Queen
Living or dead: Dead

Name: Gregori Vanders (born Gregori Saline-Dawson)
Age: unknown
Human or Creature: Necromancer-Warlock ~ Human Variety
Living or Dead: Unknown but presumed dead

see Jared Blazon, Balazar Franzer, Lulu Athena, Calista Ravenwood, Makota Blazon, Dastan Remington, Austin Saline-Menendez, and others for the entire family tree.

Any siblings?: yes

Foster Sister (they don't consider each other that)
Age: don't ask thats rude to speak of a ladies age
Human Or Creature: Angel (his unicorn bond)
Living or Dead: Living
Other Information: Mate, Unicorn Bond, Girlfriend, Common Law Wife, Wife By Creature Laws, Soon To Be Fiance

Austin Saline-Menendez
Creature ~ Skinwalker

Ashton Franzer
Creature ~ Born Aristrocrat Vampire

Nathaniel Lancer
about 15-16ish?
Creature ~ Luna Blessed Werewolf

Starla Saline
about 2ish
Creature ~ Hybrid


Familiar: a giant ass arachnid named bavo who can take a humanoid or human form now due to spells and experimentations that liza saline helped with.
Favorite Subject: pending
Least Favorite Subject: pending

Explaination On Unicorn Purity Types : coming soon

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Dastan Remington
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Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Marshal Saline   29/07/15, 02:25 pm

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Marshal Saline
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