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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Nexoki Lokison

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Nexoki Lokison

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PostSubject: Nexoki Lokison   02/06/15, 09:50 am

Full Name: Nexoki Lokison
Creature type: Godling (has frost giant blood from his father)
Date of Birth: unknown
Age: 16-19 human appearance
Home Town: Asgard
Current Home Town: unknown
What Grade are you in?: Freshman

Eye color:greenish to ambers
Body type:lithe, sexy, more effiminate then his father
Height: unknown
Dress Style:varies but a lot like his father.
Creature characteristics: when angered gains a pale blue tinted frosty skin tone and his eyes turn a different shade close to red. he is able to present "cool" warmth. can breath ice.
picture :

Character Likes:mischief, mayhem, pranks, making others laugh, his fathers love and appraisal, being accepted, making worthy "allies" or friends, beautiful people, strong people, intelligent people, unique people, the freedom he has being here, fighting secretly and weapons secretly, various others

Character dislikes:not being wanted or loved by most of the family, failing to please his bloodlines, a lot of the things he likes he dislikes their opposite of, having to be formal, being unaccepted, various other things including stupidity

Strengths:blacksmithing, weapon forging, armor forging, taking after his father, strategy, taking after his mother, good with weapons just too lazy, is massively intelligent just doesn't show it much, quite scholarly, multilingual, good with words and has a silver tongue, quite flirty, various other things

Weaknesses:his cartoon physics ability he will be known for are Non-Lethal Damage, most users can't kill but there are times can can hurt people. It is incapable of killing or fatally wounding. Its most easiest and effortlessly used in noncombat or not true assault scenarios,but the most extreme and biggest limitation and weakness is NOTHING FATALLY INJURES OR WOUNDS others, most of his asgardian abilities and powers he genetically inherited from his father loki and his war goddess mother are bound, He is left with above average physique, and attributes, but can't use any of his more loved abilities. He is more like a freakishly fast, strong, durable, etc human., Tends to be a little too informal for his fathers liking., no mouth filter, tends to speak before thinking, his body is deceptively doe like and he is very much an effiminate version of his father, loves his mischief, pranks and mayhem but also has a secret thirst for war, understanding the necessity of things like humanity and humility which is part of why he was sent here, has his father's temper, often comes off more like a more modern age loki then showing signs of individuality, actually being serious, a mixture of trying to please both parents and secretly wanting to make his own path, has secret pains about being unwanted and hated most times by his family outside of his father loki,others revealed in time.


Further background revealed or added over time.

What is important for here is the fact that he may have annoyed Grandpa Odin one too many times. His family, oddly including loki (albeit minorly), agreed that he needed to be sent to Earth (Midgard) in order to learn humility. Unlike Thor he was able to retain some of his gifts...two actually along with a fraction of his Asgardian strengths and what not. He had his powers bound but as he learns leassons and things he will be granted back his magical powers.

He is here to learn the same lessons as uncle thor. He can still use his cartoon physics but that is about it. The gods interacted with the oracle and thus helped arrange for Nexoki to be transfered into Luna University. As a good place to learn things. As well as learning humility, about his own mortality, yadda yadda. He has been on earth a few weeks and earned back some more minor uses of his magic. Nothing major and hasn't made any effort to truly seem to try to gain more understanding. He has to meet with the Headmistress and hopefully the Oracle has helped. He learned that Anastasia was on this world so that would make this a bit more bearable.

Name: pending
Age: unknown
Creature or Human: Creature...assumed goddess
Living or dead: Living

Name: Loki
Age: Unknown
Human or Creature: God-Frost Giant God
Living or Dead: Living

Any siblings?:  all the children of loki are his siblings, others pending

Favorite Subject: will let you know later
Least Favorite Subject: let you know later

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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Nexoki Lokison   06/07/15, 11:36 am

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Nexoki Lokison
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