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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Aiden Harvey

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Aiden Harvey

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PostSubject: Aiden Harvey   28/05/15, 04:14 pm

Full Name: Aiden Darryl Harvey
Creature type: Vampire
Date of Birth: March 29th, 1746
Age: 258 (changed in 1767) but looks about twenty one
Home Town: North Carolina, America
Current Home Town: Romania
What Grade are you in?: Junior

Hair: Short brown hair
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Athletic
Height: 6’3
Dress Style: Casual
Creature characteristics: His eyes tend to turn red when he’s feeding and black when he’s pretty angry or annoyed

Character Likes: Boys, flirting, sports
Character dislikes: Being told what to do, his sire, rapists,  
Strengths: Being fast, not having to sleep, his photographic memory, computers, hacking,
Weaknesses: Garlic, cute guys, his ‘smart’ mouth, someone badmouthing his sister
Quirks: He tends to get lost in thought if he’s bored, he bites his lower lip when he’s worried (he did that when he was human too and it stayed with him), he rubs the back of his neck if he’s nervous or embarassed

Aiden and his twin sister, Blake, were born to quite rich parents. Both of their parents came from pretty prominent families and have been married since they were eighteen. They have been in an arranged marriage but thankfully the marriage turned out to be one filled with love and happiness.

Neither Aiden or Blake had nothing that they didn’t want or need; theu had loving parents, loving grandparents and a pretty nice house. They wasn’t spoilt however at times their parents did tend to go over the top. Their education was taken care off by a private tutor that their father hired.

For seventeen years of their life two of them lived with their parents until they had died of a mysterious illness that no-one knew how to cure. When their parents died, Aiden took all of the money that their parents left him and together with Blake they left North Carolina to travel the world.

At the age of twenty-one they arrived in Russia and it’s there that they were bitten. Blake had been bitten minutes before him but he didn't really know how their sire managed to catch his sister.

He had just been going back to his and Blake's hotel room when out of nowhere he was attacked and promptly bit. He had fought and fought but his strength was waning until eventually he just stopped. He prayed for death then and there and when he blacked out he thought that he did die.

However it seemed that death just wasn’t for him.

The next time he opened his eyes it was in his hotel room on a soft bed and with a nasty burn in his throat and his sister next to him. It seemed that their sire had left them to fend for themselves. Aiden had not been pleased and quickly ordered his sister to pack her things and as soon as both of their bags were packed they left the hotel before fleeing to some remote place.

For over two hundred years they traveled and traveled trying to find any clue to who their sire was but nothing came up. Eventually they got bored of travelling so Aiden decided that they were going to settle down. The first country that he picked with Blake's input, to settle down in was France, there Aiden got a degree in History before taking on a job at a local High School before they left twenty years later.

They moved from place to place until finally at the age of 255 they came to Romania and joined Luna University where Blake had heard creatures were welcome.

Currently he is a junior there, studying Modern and Ancient History as well as fooling around with guys. He also hopes to find someone who he could spend all his life with.

Name: Jane Harvey
Age: 37
Creature or Human: Human
Living or dead: Dead

Name: Jace Harvey
Age: 37
Human or Creature: Human
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Blake Harvey
Age: 258
Human or Creature: Creature
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Unknown
Age: Quite old
Human or Creature: Creature
Living or Dead: Probably living

Familiar: Wolfram (Raven)
Favorite Subject: History
Least Favorite Subject: Chemistry
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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Aiden Harvey   28/05/15, 09:34 pm

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Aiden Harvey
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