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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker 2s19ook
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 Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker

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cydrao velmont
cydrao velmont

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Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker Empty
PostSubject: Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker   Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker Icon_minitime27/05/15, 07:40 am

Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker Sp7mep
Full Name: Cyrdao "Cy" Velmont
Nicknames: Cy, Baby Face (given by someone) , Cyclone (Street name), Cy The Spy (Interpol)
Creature type: Demi-God/Wizard
(the other parts unknown base so go with wizard)
Date of Birth: 2/15/????
Age: hardly aged in these years...looks like 19-20
Improtan ooc note ~ cydrao will stop physically aging between 21-25 (if he is lucky = 26-29)
Home Town:Born in Texas, Raised in London.
BUUUUUT...he claims a lot of places.
Current Home Town:  unknown ~ secretly Unseen HQ
or Underground Criminal Systems
jacking into the internet
America (sometimes)

Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker 29krkn9
Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker Tumblr_m6xjt96PUr1qifncto1_500

Hair:black and in dreadlocks or military cut
Eye color: caramel brown to shades of brown
Body type: see images above
Height: 5' 11" (after growth spurt
Dress Style:gangster, casual, when not on streets or working half naked, sagging and bagging pants, tight tanks, bling
Creature characteristics: (ie eye color change ect)

Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker 2qx9aad
Character Likes:
Stripping (like magic mike and the others in that show)
Not Dying
Playing Mind Games
getting the information he wants
the Mistresses (Criminal Kingpin Mastermind ??? & Ophelia)
Mistress Mastermind ???
Jacking in
twistedly Jaspers growing on him
Storm (she needs here twice he says)
Character dislikes:
getting caught
getting locked up
idiots who think they better than him
rich pricks
any law or authority figures
people touching his things even Storm sometimes
Jasper (98% of the time)
people trying to take Storm from him
people trying to fix him
worrying about dying for failure

Information Recon (gathering information from hard to get to places)
Changing His Voice
Gathering Intel (various)
Passing Lie Detectors (any kind) With Ease
Slipping In And Out Of Places
Small Space Crawl Through (despite his height he slender)
Street Information Network (has lots of informants in gangs and shiz)
Following Orders
Hacking & Counter-Hacking
Street Fighting
Cage Match fighting
being face leader

 his temper
is racist (ironically against other black people and mexicans)
girls with pretty faces
girls that gots them curves, breasts and she gots to have booty
tolerating idiots
is meek and timid with his superiors or more dominating me or women
Is submissive by circumstances & abuse or training
trusting the good guys
 Storm, Storm and Storm

when he doesn't like something he is known to scoff making a smack type sound, and roll his eyes and say man this is bullshit
smoking cigarettes
fighting & cussing his way to cool off.

Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker 2ec1y7l
His mother's name was Gingerlips. She was a down on her luck witch prostitute who met a tall, dark and handsome man, and ended up with her first born child. Her pimp found out and he took the baby. Sold it for legal adoption less than a few months after its birth. A mysterious stranger visited years later and repeatedly so until one visit she never saw him again. She realized soon after her mysterious well paying sexy stranger had resulted in her getting knocked up.

So yet again she ran from her pimp. The very same one, who'd beaten her and then given away, her first son Dashuan shortly after he was born. She managed to stay out of her pimps eyes for two years and when he found her...he killed her. She gave birth to her beautiful son Cydrao. For a time his mother and he lived modestly and things seemed well. Then one night disaster hit...her pimp found her. In a violent rage for everything that happened, how long it too her, he brutally raped then disposed of her body.

Once his birth mother  was murdered when Cydrao was only two...he ran when it was safe to do so. The woman who could have told him he had a sibling was forgotten. So he'd never know he had an older half siblign from a different father. The reason was Dashuan was giving up for adoption by his mother's pimp. He ended up on the streets. Raised by the gangs, pimps, hookers and nightwalkers (creatures and otherwise) he was earning himself a place inside Juvie by the time he was eight. A clever and resourceful young man he was able to get into places and get information most couldn't. He retained anything and everything no matter whether it was caught with his senses or read personally.

He met a woman named Maritza. When he met her as a kid on the streets he thought she was some Goddess of the night. She and Austin were some of his only constants. He rose in ranks and loyalty with the mistress who headed it. A mixture of criminals, robinhoods, rebels and various other things...rarely do they kill but they do a lot of illegal things...such as drug running...etc.  Especially now that his frienemy Austin was married and pregnant he was leading the organization alongside his sexy queen Storm Farron.

While at the same time remaining allies and loyalists to the Unseen Queen named Ophelia. He has been happily dating for several years now his beloved Storm Farron. Only kink...that damn Jasper who if he didn't have his beloved Storm would have caused him to go crazy questioning his times.

He has known Austin and the Mastermind Mistress who was an international criminal kingpin whose base was in the states a long time. Now he is face of the organization, loyal member and ally to the Unseens thus Ophelia. For years he remained internationally unknown outside England and the United States. He remained this unknown "nobody"...who was loyal and obedient...until one day a young his hacked into Interpol and stole some infromation.

Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker Mt89aw
~Known Parents~
Name: "Shadow Goddess" Lady Martinez
Age: ???
Creature or Human: It's A Secret
Living or Dead: Living last he heard
Relation: Mother (only one he knows)

~Biological Parents~
Name: ?????
Age: Unknown
Creature or Human: Unknown but they are a full god
Living or Dead: Living
Relation: Biological Father

Name: Gingerlips (hooker)
Age: ???
Creature or Human: Witch Prostitute (human)
Living or Dead: Dead (long time ago)
Relation: Birth Mother

~Close Personal~
Name: Storm Genesis Farron
Age: 24
Creature or Human: Witch (Human)
Living or Dead: Living
Relation: Girlfriend, Soulmate, Lover

Name: Jasper Foxx
Age: 31
Creature or Human: Wizard (human)
Living or Dead: Living...unfortunately
Relation: its i can think of its our unwanted clingon

~Biological Sibling~

Name: Dashaun Velmont
Age: *depends on who claims just older*
Creature or Human: *pending*
Living or Dead : Living
Relation: Older Half Brother (same mother Different father)

Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker Kainmg

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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker   Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker Icon_minitime27/05/15, 09:16 pm

Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker 117h6k9

Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker 15yg66d
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Cydrao "Cy" Velmont : International Crimelord/Hacker
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