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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Melody Renimey Aquarius ~ A Mel Honorary Chari

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Melody Aquarius

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Join date : 2015-05-27

PostSubject: Melody Renimey Aquarius ~ A Mel Honorary Chari   27/05/15, 07:25 am

Full Name: Melody Renimey Aquarius
Creature type: Atlantian Mermaid
Date of Birth: 11/10/????
Age: human appearance is between 15-18...actual age unknown
Home Town: Atlantis but doesn't remember
Current Home Town: on the run
What Grade are you in?: i think she'd score into sophmore

Hair: long white...almost looks like frothy water or bubbles on a rapidly moving waterfall base.
Eye color: seafoam blue
Body type:delicate, slender, sexy, petite, exotic beauty
Height: petite yet not short just a little under typical average height
Dress Style: varies
Creature characteristics:
(water revealed when on land) - when lower half is submersed in water it turns into a tail fin. If underwater has slits on the throat like a shark, if water hits from neck up the gills appear until dries off, if legs are splashed with water yet not in water that covers them fully (ie a bathtub or dip in the river) the skin turns scaley with webbing between the toes like ducks or frogs have, that sort of thing. when in this form gains the traits of merfolk or siren's including siren song as its usually racial.

When dry or on land there are still traits of this like the bubbly almost melodical and musical sounding laughter. The fact she drinks lots of water. Seems asthmatic at times when dehydrating.

Merfolk Physiology ! The power or racial traits that genetically allow one the use of species related skills and traits. Merfolk, fishes and other aquatic animals. This naturally includes mild water bending not creating, bubble creating in the water, aquatic resperation, siren song, etc all the abilities of these the merfolk. It is connected to the noticable mutations.

Character Likes: Art, Swimming, Singing, being shown kindness or affection, hugging others, making new friends, a lot of things

Character dislikes: people splashing her with water, singing around normal humans or mutants, being found out, dehydrating, people trying to descale her, pulling on her tailfin, living in fear, being alone with no one, being yelled at by angry sounding voices, disappointing others

Strengths:Singing (tries to not do around others), Swimming, Art, kindness, aquatic scenarios, not freaking unless people are descriptive about the eating of seafood, has a heart of gold and is too soft hearted, sign language, understanding a variety of languages

Weaknesses: needs lots of water, dehydrates easily, is sluggish in hot temperatures, vunerable to false or true acts of kindness/acceptance/love, innocent and naive, shyness until gets to know you, can't eat fish or seafood, forgets to eat, is a bit ditzy but intelligent, is too soft hearted, too eager to please

Quirks: forgets sometimes to stay hydrated or carrying water, loves to hug people yet recoils when yelled at.

Power ~ Artistic Manipulation : The power to bestow sentience to drawings, illustrations, sketches etc. The creations assume a 2-D liveliness, they travel along walls and later on will be far more likely to become 3-D. Use of an etchasketch or drawing device makes it faster. When mixed with technology programs on a computer such as phostoshopping for example can bring digital art, computer generated art and photographs to life. This ability naturally includes Color Manipulation, Clay Animation, The animating of artwork type inanimate objects such as sculptures. Body art animation but this is still dormaint and accidentally triggered. However the ability itself is classified as Artistic Animation, Artistry Manipulation or others.

Her father's were a homosexual couple. Both had water based powers and similiar racial genetics to her. They were a happily married couple. One father was a prince of atlantis and the other a mermaid in the underwater army ruled by the sea deities. Allies of the heroes regardless of their affiliation and others who needed them. Staying to their oceans off the coasts of the European continent. One day they used a surrogate womb with both their genetics so that they could have a child. Both were really happy when they were able to take home a healthy baby girl. Raising them and teaching them about the legends and lores of their ability. Her fathers both were to thank or curse for her physical mutations.

When she was eight years old the worst happened...people attacked them while they were on land in the states. Stealing away one of her fathers and later killing them. Injured and wounded Jaqui tried to get her somewhere safe but soon told her to run. Tears in her eyes she did so and everything was a blur. She doesn't know what happened from then or how she got to where she is now but she was here and planning to stay. For awhile she ended up captured by a traveling freak show cirque. One day escaping with the help of a mysterious boy she hoped to one day thank.

Father (dominate):
Name:Prince Atlas Naya Aquarius
Age: ???
Creature or Human: Atlantian Royal Merfolk
Living or dead: Deceased

Father (submissive):
Name: Jaqui Masoon Aquariu
Age: ???
Human or Creature: Male Siren-Merfolk
Living or Dead: missing presumed alive

Unknown surrogate mother

Any siblings?: (If so, format name age human or creature living or dead)

Familiar: none yet
Favorite Subject: Creative Arts, Specifically Artist based
Least Favorite Subject: none yet
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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Melody Renimey Aquarius ~ A Mel Honorary Chari   10/06/15, 09:24 pm

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Melody Renimey Aquarius ~ A Mel Honorary Chari
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