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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Aaliyah Burkov

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Aaliyah Burkov
Aaliyah Burkov

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PostSubject: Aaliyah Burkov   Aaliyah Burkov Icon_minitime25/05/15, 05:43 am

Aaliyah Burkov Sp7mep
Full Name: Aaliyah Janet Burkov
Date of Birth: 5th October 2007
Age: 18
Any Special Abilities: (Must have in order to attend LVU, please check and see if it has not been claimed.) Healing Touch
Home Town: Saint Petesburg, Russia
Current Home Town: Romania
What grade are you in?: (Freshman, Senior, etc;) Freshman

Aaliyah Burkov 29krkn9 
Hair: Blond and wavy that fall down to her shoulders; she usually keeps it up unless she’s doing exercise or when she’s cooking
Eye color: Light blue
Body type: She’s pretty tall and slim and has curves in the right places but she doesn’t exactly have an hour glass figure.
Height: 5ft7
Dress Style: She’s not really fussy about what she wears though she does tend to favour jeans, shorts and leggings to skirts and dresses though when the occasion calls for it she will wear a dress. She also likes to wear boots and converse shoes.

Aaliyah Burkov 2qx9aad
Character Likes: Speaking her mind, researching about the different creatures, flirting with boys and girls, breaking the rules at times, drawing
Character dislikes: bullying, prejudiced people, being judged by those who don’t know her
Strengths: agile, swift, thinking on the spot,
Weaknesses: she tends to let her mouth speak before even thinking about what she’s going to say, her sarcasm,
Quirks: she tends to randomly crack her knuckles whenever she’s annoyed, she nibbles on her lower lip when she’s nervous,

Aaliyah Burkov 2ec1y7l
Frances and Micheal Burkov met each other on June 24th 1993 in France where both were coincidently holidaying. It had been love at first sight for them and they spent all of their summer together, getting to know each other and introducing the other to their families. 6 months after meeting each other Micheal proposed to Frances who said yes and then another year later they were married when Frances found she was pregnant with their first son. Frances had been, thankfully, in her last year of Police training while Micheal was finishing off his Univeristy Degree to work as a Film Director.

After their son was born, Frances took six months off first to look after him and then Micheal.

Two years later their second child was born, this time a little girl and only Frances could take time off as Micheal had been in America at that time, directing yet another film.

And then ten years later Aaliyah had been born.

Being born as the youngest, Aaliyah had been pretty much spoilt by her parents and siblings. She didn’t exactly like that kind of attitude towards her but she didn’t say anything as she did not wish to upset any of them.

When Aaliyah was six she had found out that she could heal someone just by touching them however she had also found that after healing someone she would gain their pain from the wound though thankfully not their actual wound. She did not tell her parents or siblings because she knew that it would scare her family as it wasn’t something that anyone in her family knew about.

Over the years as Aaliyah grew so did her healing powers until she could heal someone from a fatal wound like a gun shot. She also found out that the pain from the wound transferred itself onto her the moment she healed it and she, herself would be in pain for a few minutes as the pain got multiplied by 10.

With successful parents and equally successful siblings meant that Aaliyah had a pretty high ladder to climb however she did not really care about that. She was her own person and she wouldn’t give a damn if she was as successful as either of her family members.

Being at LVU gave Aaliyah the chance to become her own person and find whatever she wants to do. Currently she is interested in the different creatures that attend LVU and reasearching everything about them from how they came to be to their mating habits to how they act around humans.

Aaliyah Burkov Mt89aw
Name: Frances Burkov nee Ivanov
Age: 50
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Micheal Burkov
Age: 51
Living or Dead: Alive

Any siblings?: If so say format (Name, age, living or dead)
Jamie Burkov, 30, living (1995)
Janice Burkov, 28, living (1997)

Aaliyah Burkov Kainmg
name: Hera
age: 2
Living or dead: Living
Species: Raven

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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Dastan Remington

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PostSubject: Re: Aaliyah Burkov   Aaliyah Burkov Icon_minitime25/05/15, 09:10 am

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Aaliyah Burkov
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