Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Always The Last to Know (Teyo and Azrael)

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Azrael Frigid
LV Professors
LV Professors

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PostSubject: Always The Last to Know (Teyo and Azrael)   24/05/15, 08:45 pm

Azrael had decided it was time to stretch her wings. She had refrained from doing so in front of the students. Her true form could be quite unnerving to some. So she had come to the Dark Woods. There was a mist covering the ground, and the place even smelled of darkness, that is if darkness had a smell. She quickly removed her dress and placed it in a pack she had brought with her. And then her transformation began. Her limbs lengthened a bit. Her eyes seemed to glow even more than normal. Her usual grey eyes were shining like molten silver. Her hair changed into plumes of feathers, her arms began to sprout feathers and transform into wings. Her hands and feet grew scales and claws turning into dreadfully dangerous looking talons. Azrael could feel herself become more at ease with her surroundings. Harpies didn't have many natural enemies in this part of the world. Really their only natural enemy were sirens. In her personal opinion Azrael felt sirens were dreadful creatures. With her transformation complete Azrael tested her wings, giving them an experimental beat. Then she lifted off from the ground, soaring through the woods. After a while she decided to land in a tree. It's twisted and gnarled branches extended close to the ground. She felt her talons wrap around the rough bough, finding her equilibrium.
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Teyo Menendez

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PostSubject: Re: Always The Last to Know (Teyo and Azrael)   13/06/15, 03:03 pm

((Its for me i was going to fix it, sorry))

Teyo was in the mood to go for a walk but something was pulling at him and he did not understand. This was a pull that he had never felt before and he had to discover where it was coming from. Before he knew it he had transformed and had took off flying. Soaring in the Sky was always a blast for him, and he imagined that his soaring was just as much rewarding as Austin's running. He thought back to Austin at the moment and smiled. He loved him very much and his world would end.

Teyo found himself flying towards the woods and wondered what would be in there. He had flown in the area before and never felt this before. The pull brought him into the woods and as he got closer he had seen another harpy sitting in a tree. He had not seen another one in a very long time so he flew down and landed on a tree nearby. His talons gripping on the limb he found himself tilting his head a little. This is where the Harpy in him wanted to go, but why? He should not been drawn to other Harpies.
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Always The Last to Know (Teyo and Azrael)
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